Monday, August 31, 2009

i'm sorry

erm... i wanna say sorry 2 star...

1st is for hangin up in a hurry tat day..i really wanted 2 cntinue our chat n i can sense u didn wan me 2 hang up so quick..(6th sense,can't say is right or wrong) but i really had smting 2 do in a hurry...

2nd is for being inconsiderate abt ur feelings...i did smting which i shudn hav done...

Anyway juz 2 tell u,my hamster is now named dummy..not bcoz of u(sm part is),is bcoz i think it suits him n is related 2 me smhow hehe

Thn i wanna say sorry 2 mau..

coz i can't find time n transport 2 visit u whn u r in hospital...

But u won't blame me de hor...?:)

Wan 2 say sorry 2 ivan..

Srry coz i dun let u campur tangan between me n tong..coz i really dun wan 2 tahan anymore..

Thx for tryin 2 help anyway:)

Sorry 2 kai shern..

I really like ur lyrics,dun misunderstand me, i didn mean 2 say anyting 2 hurt u(2 me,i didn't say) i dunno wad u tot im tryin 2 express tat day but is not true,coz im juz sayin back wad u said 2 me(is a style of pig joke hehe)so dun misunderstand,i m not kai shern, kai shern is not fang wen shan but i stil like kai shern's lyrics(is true)

Btw,kai shern no need 2 be fang wen shan 2 write lyrics,kai shern got kai shern style.Kai shern oni hav 2 be himself tat's gd 2 me:)

Sorry 2 sm of my frens...

Coz y'all hav 2 listen 2 my problems n it gets annoyin smtimes(i really feel im annoyin at times hehe)

N thx for consolin me:)


Saturday, August 29, 2009

Words of Wisdom and Whim

*I can please only one person per day. Today is not your day. Tomorrow's not looking good either.

*I love deadlines. I especially love the swooshing sound they make as they go flying by.

*Tell me what you need and I'll tell you how to get along without it.

*Accept that some days you're the pigeon, and some days the statue.

*Needing someone is like needing a parachute; if he isn't there the first time you need him, chances are you won't be needing him again.

*I don't have an attitude problem. You have a perception problem.

*My reality check bounced.

*On the keyboard of life, always keep a finger on the Esc key.

*I don't suffer from stress-I'm a carrier...

*You'e slower than a herd of turtles stampeding through peanut butter.

*Everybody is sombody else's weirdo...

*Never argue with an idiot. They drag you down to their level and beat you with their experience.

*Never raise your hands to your kids. It leaves your groin unprotected.

*I'm not into working out. My philosophy: No pain, no pain.

*I'm in shape, round is a shape...

*I'm desperately trying to figure out why kamikaze pilots wore helmets.

*Ever wonder if illiterate people get the full effect of alphabet soup?

*I always wanted to be somebody, but i should have been more specific.

*Did you ever notice when you blow in a dog's face he gets mad at you? But when you take him in a car he sticks his head out of the window.

*Have you ever noticed? Anybody going slower than you is an idiot, and anybody going faster is a maniac.

*You have to stay in shape. My grandmother started walking five miles a day when she was 60. She's 97 today and we don't know where she is...

*The reason most people play golf is to wear clothes they would not be caught dead in otherwise.

*A human being should be able to change s diaper, plan an invasion, butcher a dog, design a building, write a sonnet, set a bone, comfort the dying, take orders, give orders, solve equations, pitch manure, program a computer, cook a tasty meal, fight efficiently, flight speedily, and die gallantly. Specialisation is for insects.

*I have six locks on my door all in a row. When i go out, i lock every other one. I figure no matter how long somebody stands there picking the locks, they are always locking three.

*The statistics on sanity have shown that one out of every four persons is suffering from some sort of mental illness. Think of your three bet friends. If they are okay, then its you...

*Now they show you how detergents take out bloodstains. I think if you've got a t-shirt with a bloodstain all over it, maybe laundry isn't your biggest problem. Maybe you should get rid of the body before you do the wash.


Some Cynical Remarks

As i hav sm idea n feelings 2 write but i dun wan 2 write...
Coz i dun wan 2 go emo...
Actually is juz me lazy 2 write..hihi
I'll post sm cynical remarks i got fr a school magazine..hope y'all enjoy:)

Cynical Remarks:

*Honesty is the best policy unless you are a remarkably good liar.

*Always do right-it will gratify some people and astonish the rest.

*The optimist sees the doughnut, the pessimist sees the hole.

*The one who can smile when things go wrong has found someone he/she can blame it on.

*For working folks, the brain is a wonderful organ. It starts working the moment they get up in the morning and does not stop until they walk into the office.

*Success is a matter of luck-ask any failure.

*A successful man is one who can make more money than his wife can spend. A successful woman is one who can find one such man.

*3 ages of a person: youth, age and "you are looking wonderful". Better to remain silent and be thought a fool than to speak out and remove all doubt.

*It's a recession when your neighbour loses his job, it's a depression when you lose your own.

*The art of taxation consists in so plucking the goose as to obtain the large amount of feathers with the least amount of hissing.

*A lawyer is a gentleman who rescues your estate from your enemies and keeps it himself.

*Doctor-the heir of a sick person.

*"Occasional flashes of silence makes a conversation with you perfectly wonderful."

*To a pregnant friend who had just given birth:" Congrats, we know you 'had it in you'."

*Anyone who claims he can see through women is missing a lot.

*Ladies:"Never trust a husband too far nor a bachelor too near."

Tuesday, August 25, 2009

outing outing outing...

Thr r alot of outings dis few days..Dunno stil wan 2 go o not coz i stil hav assignments 2 do..Let's start wit da one i first went..

Sunday afternoon i went drivin lesson wit dad..TOTALLY SCREWED IT UP MAN!!!i drove 2 fast n NEARLY ACCIDENT!!!imagine,i was abt 2 go in da junction n i forgot 2 change my gear,I USED GEAR 4 TO TURN JUNCTION!!!man da whole car was like drifting..n thr was another car in da junction so i nearly crashed in2 it..phew lucky me nvr bang..thn my dad says i can't drive yet,i stil hav alot 2 learn...da thing tat hurt me most is tat he said 'if im da instructor i sure fail u..' thn my heart was like smashin in2 pieces..piang!!!i was so sad wit myself for screwin it up,n i doubt if i ever want 2 drive again after tat..Lucky i got in msn n wai meng cconsoled me n gav me new inspiration 2 continue..Joo oso did a good job soothin me,listenin 2 my prob.Thx o guys^^

Then at nite i hanged out wit andrew,kye wei n chuan..went 2 soon's workin place 2 see him..i dunno wad word i can use 2 state da place..a pub or a bar??can anybody tel me?anyway im goin 2 say it as a pub here la^^so imagine wad i did in a pub?i ordered COLD MILK TEA wit kye wei n sat thr drinkin while chattin away wit da gang..hahaha quite ridiculous..n reminds me of a frens cycled 2 a pub or smting like tat,wearin slippers,went in da pub n ordered COCA COLA..hahahaha!!damn funny..anyway,apart fr chattin i oso play dice game wit i lost n belanja him dinner..

After tat we went 2 mamak coz kye wei,andrew n chuan haven't hav their dinner..I belanja andrew..thn i drink sirap n chat away wit many things 2 talk abt..thn my teeth oso turn red haha..aiyo,thn is time 2 go home but i dun hav i asked andrew 2 drive around,n he actually did!!i sat silent in car while he drove long long distance 2 beach n bukit rambai thr..far far away n da road is not crowded n it soothes my mind down fr alot of things..but we nearly bumped in2 a cat..da black cat cross da road,i shrieked so sharply coz i tot we were goin 2 crash tat cat n it wil andrew break so suddenly,n we both laughed..he said actually he start break adi after he see da cat but he was shocked by my shriek hehe..sorry ya^^n we continue 2 round round round until 12am oni he fetch me home..really long time nvr travel like dis liao,really nice..thx andrew^^

Nxt day(monday) i went 2 karaoke wit da mhs ppl..tong told me alot ppl's goin but at da last moment everybody juz backed off..-_-'' anyway i spent 4 hrs thr singin until my throat gav da signs of soring..4 HRS!!and the others more thn tat..i left coz i had chemistry ttn..let me see..da ppl went,tong,andrew,kye wei,johnson,king,rulingg,matthew,jared,derrick,mau,ace,winford,kenny n others..Whoa dis winford kau kau chan,caused alot trouble man,i think sm of da waitress oso annoyed of him haha..he run here run thr nvvm,he luan luan choose da songs,n he play wit da audio system..!worst of all he grab da emote whn he run..until 1 time he turn da mic maximum n da sound so loud until we had 2 get da manager help 2 settle it..hahaha lucky he nvr got thrown out muahahaha..

thn i went ttn,after tat packed my dinner n went michelle's hse 2 stay overnite..Is actually her grandma's hse la,n now i finally know y they goin thr 2 overnite..Rupa rupanya they went 2 da beach picnic..!but i missed it coz,susu,michelle,chiew ei,ivory,jessica,sanggari,michael n his gf jaclyn,n tong went overnite..n we had a prob findin da hse,so i spent all my credit on it..n eventually i ate my dinner at 11 smting..thn we play uno,n da morn i woke up n da scenery is so beautiful thr.Da whole country view n da nature around us is juz amazing,not 2 mention da fresh air n da cool mornin breeze..IF GIVEN DA CHANCE I WAN 2 RETIRE IN A PLACE LIKE DIS!!!^^

After dis hav alot more outing but i dunno wan 2 go o not..Wednesdday kye wei gang wan 2 watch movie..Thursday hav chess club farewell(muz go),friday hav muet kolokium n maths assignment meeting..i think i goin pokai d haha

guess tat's all for now..didn hav a good nite sleep so ggoin pigging again..bye bye^^

Saturday, August 22, 2009

Pek's Bday celebration(14th july)

Remember whn i mention abt Pek's early bday celebration?is on 15th August but we celebrated 1 day early in alpha,2gether wit shi min's bday in are sm of da pics(got them fr mau's blog,srry ya mau,didn get copyright hehe)

Kit fai announcin da bday durin pa lecture in da morn(but we didn sing da bday song,if we sang sure huru hara muahahaha)


A pek posing...

erm..dis is da cake remains fr zeta after celebrating shi min's bday earlier...


so dis is wad lai kia ki hehehe

wad is tat gal doin alone thr????


da bday card


went 2 US Pizza 2 celebrate^^

pek n ruling

ruling n wei

At last...Da bday cake!!!

Happy bday 2 u~~~~~~



cutting cake...

Da cut cake...err...y look weird weird...?

talkin away..see me standing???

Group pic!!!

Tat's all i hav for now..bye bye^^

Memoirs of l6Zeta

These are a few things we did in l6sczeta(got fr wen sian's blog)..Miss y'all so much:)

This is da photo we took using wen sian's darling in hall during Optimist photoshoot^^(fr left upper:angeline,sanggari,susu,michael(joker),ivan(bakal ketua pengawas),yusof,ivory,chiu yan,chiew ei(badminton player)
lower left:vicky,wen sian,shi min,me,tcher,tong,michelle,soo lin,jessica)

This considered as our 1st outing..During our 1st holiday,went 2 dreambox 2gether after kena halau by garfield(tat time we did not hav tcher 2 supervise our bio project we were doin in school so hav 2 get out lolzzXD)



more normal pic..hahaha

During my bday(5th july) we celebrated 2 times,1ce in school(surprise celebration) n 1ce go out minum minum hahaha

at school while waitin for hari belia thinggy..bus come very very late!!!!

We hav ntg 2 do after reachin hang tuah mall for d went 2 ivan's hse^^

dis 1,hahaha!we lazy wan walk 2 stadium for da hari belia(abt 4 km??)so we took a brilliant idea...9 PPL HIMPIT IN 1 PERDANA!!!muahahaha

michael's bday celebration^^

Actually we hav more photos,alot crazy crazy de but i hav 2 get it fr wen sian..will post them later if i hav da chance^^

Friday, August 21, 2009


It's been a tough week for me..1st is we're told 2 do da kolokium..Is a project tat has been set by da MOE(Ministry of Education) for all f6 students 2 do research n folio n presentation as a project.We're da 1st batch doin dis,as dis actually for da future f6's to do as their semester work whn they change in2 semester exam.In other words,we r bein used as "white mice"..Imagine,maths oso hav 2 do research 2 relate da topic wit everyday life,n we hav 2 find 5 points for it 2 elaborate!!!n we can't do abt applications oni,muz collect data n my monitor(joo) went 2 an extent 2 almost digging his brain out 2 think of smting(at least i felt so) 2 research.i smhow sense tat he's doin all da responsibilities we all class members shud do 2gether,seems like he's doin most of da job n da rest juz 'participate' in da ting..I do hope da class can giv more cooperation..ACTIVE ABIT LAA I DUNNO REPEAT DIS HOW MANY TIMES ADI!!!

then we hav bio kolokium,which topic is related 2 human n environment.However,tcher didn't giv us our specific area of da topic after dividing us in2 our groups.Wad she wan 2 do i oso dunno.So my conclusion is im not doin bio kolokium 1st.MUET is ok,my group(Ace,Chong Hau,Ian n me) doin disadvantages of alternative medicine.Quite interesting topic i can say,n da tcher is interesting 2,(he LOVES 2 talk n act ALOT) tat makes it less boring.Then pa is about PBB(United Nations) n its role in peacekeeping.i can accept dis topic,since is ok..

Then i hav maths assignment smmore,hav 2 do past stpm exam ques from 2000-2007.I juz hope everybody do their job lo,dun after holidays oni gan cheong 2 finish da assignment.N i hope i dun face prob in conducting my muet group.IF IM HIT BY STEMNINGISSA DIS TIME I WIL PLUCK OFF EVERYBODY'S HAIR,LET THEM BOTAK N THN DYE THEIR HEAD HALF PINK HALF BLUE.muahahaha

Wednesday i had my 1st monthly test in f6.Da ques is quite ok,not 2 easy n not 2 difficult.Except for maths.I skipped 2 ques in part 1(20 marks gone) n forgot 2 change da 2nd part ques whn they changed it earlier coz im 2 absorbed in thinkin da solution.Damn!!so my maths gone wit da wind.I remember doin da ques b4 but smhow(mayb bcoz i nvr touch da book for sooooo long d) i seemed 2 forget da solution.Haiz...I was oso nervous abt pa,coz ppl kept sayin da ans combination is totally diff fr mine!!!Luckily i hit da correct combination n points,n my graph correct.So it turns out i got da highest mark in class.Thn ivan go n clap clap behind.I take it he's souring me.ivan u wait la,1 day i sure get u n pluck ur hair(let u tinggal 3 batang muahahaha)

Thursday morn i was scolded by discipline tcher.Damn tat tcher man,i dun wan 2 say her name.My front hair is long so she asked me whether i hav pin.I say,"got,at home" suddenly i find her tellin me not 2 try 2 be funny.IM NOT TRYIN 2 BE FUNNY,IM JUZ SPEAKIN DA TRUTH!!!In fact,i dunno wad she find so funny abt bein confronted by a discipline tcher.I tried 2 explain but she nvr gav me da chance.She shouted at me!!!Suddenly i feel like slappin her in da face.IS DA 1ST TIME I FEEL LIKE SLAPPIN A TCHER IN MY WHOLE LIFE.Damn tat tcher.So i told her okok whn she ask me 2 pin da nxt day.But my heart says no.She didn't respect me so i won't do wad she want.She won't get me 2 do it by any means!!!So i straight went 2 da barber's n cut my front hair short after school.Sorry 2 say dis tcher,but i won't obey ur instruction dis time.U pay no respect 2 others,is dis da way of becomin a discipline tcher?or u juz wanna show off 2 others,sayin in a way tat u do ur job?N i heard fr my fren tat da tcher's not married.N she's shorter thn me.TCHER DUN PICK IT OUT ON OTHERS FOR NOT BEIN MARRIED OR HAVIN SEX!!!U CAN SCOLD ALL DA STUPID HELL CRAP U WANT BUT IM NOT GOIN 2 PIN MY HAIR,NOT FOR U!!!

Then thr's dis indian gal.She sits beside Banu in class.Everytime thr's quad she called me 2 line up in beta class,says im a student thr.Wait,did i admit 2 myself tat im a beta student?Da answer is no.N i miss my class so much.So 2day she told da probates tat im not lining up in my own class.Damn her.She did dis bcoz she dun wan 2 stand alone,she thinks is weird.She told me after tat.TAT'S NOT A VERY GOOD REASON 2 HURT UR FREN,NOT FOR ME,SORRY 2 SAY.n everytime she oni ask me 2 line up it bcoz of my timing 2 cm school is 2 early or isit my face problem?y can't she juz leave me alone wit my frens i miss so much??i argued wit her abt it.well,i hav 2 admit im wrong in sm way.i broke da rules.but if she didn say tat,if she didn't say tat she feels weird standin alone,i wud hav let her go.I know ppl's afraid 2 b alone,but she dun hav 2 make it an excuse 2 take advantage 2 hr own self.tat oni makes her more lonely,coz even if i stand behind her,i wudn talk 2 her or do anyting wit her.NOT FROM NOW ON.i argued wit her tat i dare 2 stand alone,thr's ntg weird.She challenged me!!!Huh,u wait la,indian gal.I'll show u.u r da 1 who's weird,altho ur heart refuse 2 admit it.Tat is y u r so afraid of bein weird n alone.coz DA REASON FOR A PERSON 2 B AFRAID OF BEIN LONELY IS BCOZ HE/SHE IS LONELY.

so much for unhappy things dis week.Chuan n Sky came back fr Inti college for sem break,so we went 2 small small reunion 2gether.Went back 2 QEC,saw all da tchers except mr.tan..Miss them so much^^n winford went 2,coz he follow andrew's car.He saw da article tat contains my pic in it n took da photo!!Winford PLS DUN DO ANYTING ABT DA PHOTO,PLS PLS PLS^^ n we talked abt school life,so many jokes hahaha,i miss them.n i met reng chieh my primary classmate,oso fr inti,who went back 2 visited my school.haha,nvr see him for like 1 yr,become smart n leng chai d yo~~haha

i think tat's all for dis week d la..2 much 2 write haha..bye^^

Sunday, August 16, 2009

macc..malaysia agree corruption comission...?

I wish 2 talk abt dis macc thing which happened lately..can't accuse tat they throw da victim out of da building..but i really suspicious..y after da questionin(which,in alot of cases,hav proved tat thr are inappropriate ways involved in da investigation) did he wan 2 linger another second in tat building??n i dun believe he'd kill himself,since he goin 2 get married da nxt day n had a future ahead of him..and he's not in any desperate n helpless condition 2 think of commiting suicide..unless his mind's in da worst state at da time(think abt it,if they really did torture him,is not until da worst condition tat he'd think abt it,a few hours dun really make such a big difference rite?) and sm ppl think tat da PR is behind dis,tat teo beng hock,being a special secretary,knew alot of big secrets abt da PR politicians..ok,say tat he knows,y didn't they threaten 2 harm him earlier?if is me i'd choose 2 get rid of any1 who knows secrets tat can harm me or my political career..n if teo wanted 2 use tat knowledge,he'd hav used it earlier,mayb 2 side 2 bn or 2 bribe a higher post in da state,which can benefit his career..y did he wan 2 wait until da investigation 2 use it??da pt is,dun juz choose 2 side any of da political parties,we hav 2 look at da whole situation,and da situation now is tat teo beng hock died under da macc building,under da nose of da officials,n pathetically,no officials were arrested 4 dis wad we malaysians wan 2 see??????????

zzz...alot of complications in politics..i dun wan 2 meddle in poltics..i dun wan 2 dirty my hands again(i've dirtied it once by shakin hands wit ali rustam)..dark dirty politics..i dun wan 2 say anymore...

juz now i watched da bwc(badminton world championship)i saw da banner tat wrote by da chinese"bwc is meant only for chinese" is dis da sportsmanship we want??i think sm ppl took da pride in them 2 much..not tat im not proud,IM PROUD 2 SAY IM A CHINESE but i juz think dis is not da way of involvin in sports lo..n da coach lee yong bo damn cheng..wearin a cap while receivin prizes is no manners!!!n lin dan is cheng oso..da men doubles,cai yun n fu haifeng reacted 2 aggressively even when they gain a point but haven't win a match..but i really admit tat da match is damn gan cheong!!!da koreans gav up a good fight n i juz love da cool way of Lee Young Dae playin..damn fast reaction n estimation..n he's juz 20!!keep it up boy,dis guy has a bright future ahead of him^^

talk abt sports,i wanna congratulate arsenal who scored 6-1 against everton ytd's previously a football fan n i supported arsenal..^^

guess tat's all for da heavy topics 2day..bye bye^^


Dis few days like ntg happen..isit bcoz da fng shui or me??dunno...meanwhile..i hav test on


Friday, August 14, 2009

14 August

2day is my fren shi min bday..i didn go back zeta class celebrate at 4th period coz im havin stupid bio..(srry ya 2 all zeta me go but i didn,my bad)tcher suan us in class lo,kesian ian coz kena suan kau kau 4 not doin his work earlier..smmore oni a few ppl come 2day,mayb coz nxt week is test..for my info beta class is really a kiasu class!!!i hav 2 wake myself up 2 cope wit dis damn boring class...I DON'T LIKE!!! : (

Thn i went 2 a pek's early bday celebration in DP...along wit frens like winford,ming ann,andrew,king,soo lin,e jynn(lalat),pei hui,willy,ruling,matthew,michelle,tong,jarred,sushi,wei jie,agnes,mau,a peng(pekpeng!!!) n others la..gossiped like hell lo,dunno wad happened 2 dis yr f6 hahaha..but i didn talk much,not on andrew's car as well,so unusual(he noticed it 2,tat's da bad part coz it reflected my silence)..n i didn eat da cake..suddenly i dun feel like eating sweet things,not whn i blue blue(sweet oso taste like bitter,so jelak)..srry ya guys,even secret recipe blueberry cheese which i so like oso won't masuk my mouth by dis time,hehe

haiz..thn wad wan write more??i feel tat im d oni 1 givin active response in class lo,can y'all try n active more?at least try 2 ans tcher la,sportin abit ma,wrong oso nvm coz we study ma..dun so KIASU can o not?????????

haiz i think i'll emo again if i cntinue think abt it..stop here remember take care ya,altho u so bz,dun 2 tired later easy fall sick..n 2 ejynn..smday im gonna get u coz for givin me da name!!now everybody call me tat name!!1 day u sure kena!!meanwhile i'll stop here while i think of a way 2 get u..huh!:p

Wednesday, August 12, 2009


Ming Ann quote: for the world u may be 1 person but for 1 person u may be the world..

Wai Meng quote: Chemistry is defined as the disintegration of brain cells to anyone who had made contact with it..

Xin er quote: LET'S GO PLAY!!!


2day ntg much happen..went 2 chess club meeting 4 da 1st time,cabut early wit soo lee(srry ya pres,u r cute anyway) i went 2 badminton club thr 2 see see..thn whn we head back 2 chess club classroom suddenly a chess kid(anak catur) roll out in front of me..rupa-rupanya is a group of senior play de..i see da chess kid roll a while,thn senior look at me,i look at them back..sudden silence..thn all laugh while i kutip da chess kid..tiba tiba!!!lol....

thn ivan's poker cards kena rampas coz they play heart attack in class..

2day stil tension but no headache d..temper got rise abit n i feel so unusually different 2day!!1st is i feel im annoyin ppl,thn i feel im so noisy,3rd is 2day im surprisingly studious..hai dunno y leh?luckily later got my dear chat chat wit me,soothe me down lo^^thx ya..

n i wan say sorry 2 wei jie for slammin ur head wit a book tat day..really srry la,pls 4giv me @.@ thn 2 my frens,hope im not annoyin y'all lo,coz i like 2 kacau ppl so much..hihi..tat's all 4 now^^

Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Bye bye vicky~

My fren vicky has left da school ytd..She goin 2 do a-level january in a university nxt yr..Hope u happy ya vicky,may u hav a great future ahead of u,got time cm visit us ya..good luck!:)


Thn..i found out beta class got alot tension..2nd day in thr at night i already headache,3rd day afternoon i hav 2 run chase after PA tcher 2 pass up my hand already chun tat time i finish,can u imagine??!!!i feel like wan 2 cry d T.T i think if terus like dis mayb i wil hav 2 eat panadol everyday 2 sleep,so tension mann..hope it ends soonT.T

At 3rd period da alpha students cm 'kau kau chan' in my class..very luan man hahaha..smmore kenakan me n johnson lol..thn dis wei jie hor,rampas my school diary 2 read!!!altho thr's ntg really private inside,juz sm 'fei fei de' doodling,stil is my private belongin ma!!!Smmore he say i very cute..cannot tahan.. :p

Monday, August 10, 2009

syok sendiri



Sunday, August 9, 2009

2 da sick ppl

Dis days got alot ppl sick.Andrew who got fever whn detected tat day won't cm 2 school 2morrow..Thn kye wei got cough..ytd whn i called him he sounded sooo weak,luckily he got better at d end of da day n can stil go 2 soo lin's 2nd bday celebration at Wings.(i nvr went bcoz i pokai d after friday's station 1 cafe haha)Steady!!Smmore who got sick...?Aaaa,e jynn oso nvr went 2 school on friday coz sick..n johnson..but y his name suddenly poke out in my list of rumours leh??can smbody related explain???

Thn i found out tat ooo,da "mist" i mentioned in my past blog is actually "haze" patutlah now everywhr smells smoke..haiz im sooo outdated..(andrew's rite,i shud go back live in forest coz da world dun seem 2 matter 2 me)

i think tat's all,hahaha dis is da shortest post i published coz really ntg 2 write..(but stil hav 2 write coz star nd 'encouragement' 2 kp him updating his blog^^)i'll finish wit a quote from Hippocrates: A wise man should consider that health is the greatest of human blessings, and learn how by his own thought to derive benefit from his illnesses. Hope those who sick get well.

Saturday, August 8, 2009

7th of August....

8th of August...Finally SCHOOL REOPENED!!!I'd been waiting n anticipating dis moment very long time d(at last i can go n play!!!muahahaha) after i reached school i saw alot ppl wearing masks here n thr..Except me..(i tempah-ed a mask fr my fren soo lee da day b4 but nvr wore...tak takut mati haiz)

Thn in quad b4 class started da tcher took a thermometer,say wanna check everybody's temperature..Yay no PA lecture!!We spent abt half an hour...?2 wait thr 4 our turn 2 b checked..Those who hav fever >38C wud be given a mask..I kept giggling coz da scene was really funny..Da tcher actually asked "who think they got fever pls come out so we can check whether da thermometer is functionin" lol!at last nobody came out so they checked 1 by 1..n da ratio of da tcher's height compared 2 our heights is really small til sm of us had 2 bend down so their hands can reach our forehead!hahahahaha

However thr were few ppl who kena wear mask all day long..Pity andrew who had fever abt 39 degrees whn detected..smmore he got cough n sore throat..Muz take medication lo andrew!!But i wonder if da thermometer's bn functionin well or not???coz guess wad?whn sampai my turn,turned out my body temperature was 35.9C?!!!Wow i'd b on da hospital bed by thn hahaha..

Thn is time 2 go 2 class..Beta or zeta??sm ppl told me 2 go zeta 1st thn tcher will bring me thr...?others called me 2 go beta...?So i lingered in da bio lab n on da corridors awhile,talkin talkin away until i saw ivan goin 2 beta wit his red bag(juz after duty..our BAKAL KETUA PENGAWAS hahahaha) so i followed him..

Reachin beta class..Da tcher already inside..So we arranged our desks wit all da 'newcomers'..I planned 2 sit wit soo lee in 2nd row de,but dunno how after all da arrangements suddenly ian's face poked out n turns out i sit beside him in front row..(plus im d only 1 sittin wit a guy in da class!!haiz here comes rumours 1ce again)Lucky i've known ian since primary school n can get along..If let me sit wit 1 of da beta ppl i think i'll b bored 2 death..coz nobody talk 2 me..hahaha

1 thing i notice abt beta tchers is they kp urgin us 'newcomers' 2 catch up..I stil remember wad chem tcher said abt ivan('tat boy who dun wan cm up 1')"mayb he got gf in zeta class?or he dun like 2 cope up wit da pace?"well 2 me ivan's not tat kinda person hypothesis is tat he got no 'kaki' in beta hahaha

Turns out my hypothesis is correct abt beta..STUDIOUS+SILENT...smbody said she think we can even hear da ting ting sound whn da needle falls 2 da ground..I didn't neglect da effort made by sm of da beta gals wanting us 2 involve in but...d others in tat class juz seemed like not cooperative enuf..n da frequency not rite...da only topic we all like 2 talk is food!!!haiz tat's all...i tried 2 goreng d atmosphere talkin n talkin tryin 2 find a really suitable topic whr every1 is interested..but..seems like my effort was fruitless lo..even my ss level oso cannot make da class spirit enuf..haiz..whn tat class wan 2 get active lehh...

After school thr's buddhist society meeting..Tat meeting is da shortest meeting i attended(abt 10 minutes meeting..Ever attended b4?XD)so they announced da probates ajk list for da society..Andrew got president post as i expected(he was secretary whn in f5) n kye wei got treasurer(or asst treasurer?)paling funny is a ching,got sm post 4 dharma lessons(4got da post name) hahaha..i got small small post as ajk..considered lucky i got a post after all tat crap i blurted during da interview(until da gal on my rite kept shakin her head..can u imagine?) hahaha..Anyway congrats 2 all da new ajk's n good luck in handling ur jobs!!^^

At nite we celebrated soo lin's bday at station 1 cafe..Spent rm20 on my food..($ fly T.T) da food is okok lo..i oni like da peach tea+lemon hehe..but 1 thing made me happy,tat is,i found out i hav bigger appetite thn shi min le!I finished all my food n cake hor at least..hahaha thn we played truth n dare..i asked soo lin 2 take photo wit da guitar leng chai but she dun wan..thn got others funny funny games lo..They spilled my peach tea whn playin(my tea T.T) n me n chiu yan got wet wet abit..We had 2 force soo lin n shi min 2 bite da candles out fr da cake..Soo lin not sporting de lo,me n michael got bite le whn we kena..smmore da cherry stuff i did wit ivan..haiz..

Thn i went back home..didn't get a chance of talkin wit star..My mum slept beside me(dad went 2 jb) so dun wan disturb her sleep..smmore hav 2 ttn nxt tat makes up my 0708 routine hahaha

Thursday, August 6, 2009

At last..I hav smting 2 do!!!

It rained heavily ytd...I spent da whole morn surfing surfing surfing...Soooooooo boring!!!Not 2 mention da cold cold atmosphere in my hse caused by da wind n da rain smackin da glass windows..Shiver..Thn i read my bio notes n slept coz i was soooooooooo sleepy..I oni slept at 4am ytd's ytd..-0-

It was 6 smting in d evening whn i woke fr my afternoon nap..Da rain stopped n i found tat da wind n da downpour had blown da soil away fr da pots in da balcony,so da scenery of my balcony was actually a mess XD..So i did da hse chores n i cleaned my room b4 i took pails of water 2 wash da balcony.For da geography n science students,dis is wad happens whn da trees r cut(My pots bear no trees at all,all of them died due 2 unknown reasons hahaha)..Thr's no roots 2 get hold of da soil n da soil flies everywhr whn da wind blows muahahaha..

So at least dis is sm form of exercise 4 me since i dun exercise AT ALL..Thn fr cold cold suddenly my body swt n i feel hot hot..Mayb tat's da reason i think im catchin sore throat,coz after tat i bathe in cold water n suddenly my body feel cold again..Rapid temperature changes hah..

At nite i went 2 fetch bro fr ttn wit dad..Da rain seemed 2 hav left a misty atmosphere in mcca as eveywhr we went we see mist........n wit da cold wind slashin my face it feels like im in genting hahaha..After tat i shared all da funny youtube stuff n Mr.Tan's kuih batik recipe wit my mum n bro..Also showed her kye wei's blog while introducin my frens on da pics..O ya,now i know how 2 display pics in my blog so dis is my class photo snapped by kye wei's gang

Da gal sittin beside tcher is me,d asst monitor(who nvr do her job hahaha)..Thn thr's a tong da monitor n ivan standin behind tcher..sad lo hav 2 leave dis class soon..Not 2 mention da fears..haiz..hope everyting turns out oklo...amitabha~

Ok 2day no quotes,juz wan 2 remind those who read 2 take care of ur health,coz nowadays so many ppl r sick..Thn i wan say particularly 2 star,take care ya dun let urself sick..N keep up wit studies lo..shun bian pass my regards 2 hong hong(tat kid in ur hse) take care k..*

H1N1 getting serious

H1N1 is getting serious..Deaths hav been occurring in mcca due 2 da disease,but ppl stil seem 2 be lack of awareness abt it.Here i wish 2 make a reminder tat thr is no need 2 panic abt it but pls take sm precautions so tat we n da ppl around us r,2 sm level,protected fr da risk of contactin da disease.Here i wan 2 include sm facts i know abt H1N1 as a reminder 2 those who 'already know but not aware enuf of da risk'..

Flu-like symptoms include:
*fever above40C(u better refer 2 da doc once is above 38C,it can damage ur brain!)
*sore throat
*runny nose
*headache,muscle or joint pain
*vomiting n diarrhoea(smtimes)

*Antiviral drugs(only doctors can prescribe it) eg oseltamivir(Tamiflu) n zanamivir(Relenza)
*Medications for symptomatic relief(anti-fever,pain relievers-non-aspirin type 4 children n antihistamines for runny nose)
*Traditionally taken(2 boost immunity n reduce stress) eg Vitamin C,Vitamin B-complex,Herbs

(Mind,antiviral drugs dun destroy da virus,they juz inhibit da development of da virus inside ur body while ur antibody fights da virus!So,2 those who hav da symptoms mentioned,PLS refer 2 da doctor AS SOON AS POSSIBLE or B4 IS 2 LATE~~~~)

As 4 others,preventive measures includes:
*Wash hands regularly(WIT SOAP or alcohol-based cleanser)
*Avoid touchin nose,mouth n eye areas
*Avoid crowded places
*Maintain 1 arm(abt 1m) distance fr ill ppl
*Improve air flow/ventilation in ur livin place
*practise gd health habits(eg adequate sleep,drink plenty water,take nutritious food,physically active...all those stuff necessary 2 kp healthy body laa)

*stay at home,limit close contact wit others
*Rest,take plenty of liquids(HEALTHY LIQUIDS)
*Cover mouth n nose while coughin n sneezing(is a manners!)
*Use mask if really need 2 travel or whn around others
*SEEK MEDICAL ADVICE!!!(especially whn needed eg difficulty in breathing,fast breathin in young child,persistent fever >3 days or seizures)

2 those who seek more info for da case,i hereby include my reference,da July/Aug edition Health magazine n dis website
hope it can help..

Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Another day has passed

Haiz... Another day has passed.. Today(or more precisely...yesterday?) i did nothing but surf, sleep, eat and tv.. did little flipping of bio notes but tat's mood haiz..WHEN CAN I GO OUT 2 PLAY!!!

But of course,i did more readin on blogging n i found alot of my friends' sites, a few of them i already linked on2 my page..Guess wad,i found my ttn teacher Mr.Tan's blog!!Actually he's my previous tcher coz he taught me until f5..but, as the quote goes,'once a teacher, always a teacher',his teachings n guidance remains in my memories 'sampai bila-bila' hahaha..And check it out,his blog's quite cool in a way,filled wit philosophy attached 2 everyday life.Same happens 2 my fren jj's blog.Way 2 go,guys!Keep it up!^^

I oso found my class photos which is snapped n put on kye wei's blog.I think they snapped it whn we were havin our photography session in da hall 4 Optimist magazine.. Anyway nice shot,i can't post it now but i'll find a way later.

Also,my comp kena virus on monday night.My friend sent me a link abt smting,n due 2 my straight thinkin i went 2 open it n da spyware got in..anyway luckily it only affected my msn n after changin my password da problem is resolved.Thx 2 roystan who helped me last time i got.(i used da same method) So 2 all da msn users out thr pls keep an eye out 4 spyware n viruses in da links,dun simply dumb dumb go n open like me,i hope i learn a lesson dis time hehe..(star say im straight thinkin person,tat's my good n my weakness, n i think is true)

It makes me think back abt da holiday whn i got cheated 4 my phone numb.Da stupid guy ask me 4 phone numb coz he wan 2 do survey.I see him like serious thn i gav him without further thoughts.Then da guy sms 2 annoy me n i was very sad bcoz of my naive.Luckily ivan helped me wit "revenge" n i was freed fr da disturbin sms's.Haiz i really muz learn 2 b careful nxt time.

In afternoon a gal fr MATEM??(dunno wad da hell da university tat is) called me n told me i'm offered a place 2 do diploma in engineerin course.Since it's a private college n not so popular n is diploma i rejected.Most important is it dun hav da course i want.I dun regret my f6 choice n i stil think is fun.Probably da busiest n nicest year i'll hav in my secondary life.

Then i stumbled across dis email whr my fren sent me da recording of hk dj scoldin a 16 yr old gal.She started 2 hav sex since 14 n imagine,she did it wit her bf she knew online who had oni met her 3 times!Worst part is,she's not studyin(workin as a waitress) n she did not use safety measures.Haiz all i can say after i heard da recordin is tat she's 222222 naive.Wad happened 2 da society n da so-called 'modern' thinkings,i really dunno.All i can say is tat da moral values n traditional nilai-nilai murni tat has passed thru generations,as well as valued teachings of da chinese ancestors r slowly forgotten.And is sad 2 see alot of youngsters nowadays dunno how 2 take care of themselves,of their dignity n self esteem,n 2 withhold 2 our basic principles.Haiz,wad can do,like ivan say lo,'pemuda-pemudi masa kini...'haiz...

Wow 2 much philosophy 4 2day haha..i told star im goin 2 sleep late but i didn realise it'll b so late i'll end my blog 2nite wit albert einstein quote: True religion is real living; living with all one's soul, with all one's goodness and righteousness.Hope those who read understand.

Monday, August 3, 2009

1st Day of Quarantine

2day is (considered by me) the 1st day of my school quarantine..I woke up early at abt 6am due 2 da noise outside while my bro was preparin 4 school..Then since i had ntg 2 do da 1st thing i tot of is star.So i sms n wish him gd mornin,thn went back 2 sleep again..Then i woke up again at 9 smting..Is considered really early,especially 4 pig like me on a non-schoolin day. :p

I spent da whole day surfing n wondering wad 2 do next..Not 2 mention feelin EXTREMELY bored..-o-...I know da school's been quarantined coz of health risk factors..Not oni i can't go 2 school..We're not supposed 2 go anywhere but stay home,like da health officer said tat day,"Anda telah tertakluk di bawah Akta H1N1.........Tidak dibenarkan muncul di mana-mana tempat awam sekalipun!"lol,but who cares?I even planned 2 go hav a haircut on 1 of these few days..haha..And my fren kye wei n his gang(ching,winford etc) went 2 mp tat very day of da quarantine announcement..haha,good job,it goes as da sayin,'Rules r meant 2 b broken' hahaha..Anyway,i stil wan 2 advise those who r sick or havin da symptoms,PLS DUN GO 2 SCHOOL SO TAT DA SCHOOL WON'T B QUARANTINED N I CAN GO 2 PLAY!!mayb im bein selfish but i think anyone wud hav said tat my quote goes,'is really hard 2 find selfless ppl among us fishmongers' i not right?

Ok topic closed.Then i studied bio while listenin 2 my mp3..Didn't read much but i think im doin fine as long as wad i read masuk my brain..No point flippin da bk or notes or wadever but wad u read dun digest..haha..but i hav 2 make effor d coz monthly test is nxt wednesday..Jia yu 2 whoever mhs f6 who read dis!!

Thn 2morrow my monitor a tong is comin 2 my hse 2 return my guitar..I hope da ice can break btw us coz we've not been communicating for,like,almost,a week...?we had quarreled(mind,im usin quarrel not argue) abt my switchin 2 beta class..ok tong if u read dis i juz wanna say tat i dun like 2 switch environments n is not my dream 2 go tat class.mayb is good in 1 way but i stil dun like da feelin of switchin almost everything after gettin so fond of zeta,tat's my thot n pls DUN JOKE WIT MY FEELING!!i feel very bu shuang abt it.i know tong is sad but do u think everybody else dun feel tat 2?juz think think la abt wad u said 2 me,it offended me know!i hope u realise abt it now b4 is 2 late.

Haha topic closed,hope da situation gets better.if not, my star say,'see see lo' hahaha..So b4 i end 2nite blog i wan 2 say jia yu 2 star star who's doin his koku day 2morrow(if he reads)..Do ur best la altho is small job so tat da responsibility is handled nicely..mayb u'll get promoted le,who knows?hehe..Anyway jia yu o my star,i support u^^

Sunday, August 2, 2009

xin er's last!!!

2day mornin i spent the whole day finishing the HP7 novel which i borrowed from my friend e-jynn..Well actually it's his sis novel but he sort of sneaked it 2 me(curi curi seludupXD) thx 2 e jynn!!!i hav longed 4 readin tat novel ever since it's out but din hav da chance 2 lay my hand on it..anyway i really hav 2 say it's a really outstandin work,i hav luv da series(books) all along..all da suspense n da plot n rowling's writing style has made da series worth reading..

Then i ate my dinner..mum made hakka 'cai ban' n 'lu dan'..home-made dishes always da best 4 me!!^^n i satisfied wit my mum mum..not 2 mention lately i hav quite a big appetite,n im quite delighted wit it..maybe after dis im goin 2 get fat n b a real pig pig haha..

After tat i went online,wit my whole family chatting in my room..real close family i hav,so happy..wee!^^i saw my frens blogsite n suddenly roused my curiosity n interest in creating my own blog..i think i shud write smting after so long,n i didn't really think of putting my pen down after so see wad will cm out next for my bloggings..haha!!

And da problems roused again where my hair keeps fallin..Like i said,i think my head's goin bald soon..Wad da hell haha..And whn it really happens im goin 2 dye my bald head pink n blue..Like da sso president says 'thou shall dye your head,half pink n half blue'..hahaha