Sunday, June 20, 2010

reply to posts

Lately there are a lot of negative comments about the issue regarding legalisation of betting by the government. I kinda like the idea though. You see, with or without the legalisation,with or without the license, betting will still continue. So i think it's a better idea that they legalised it,because in our culture,we are not prohibited from doing so.

However,this move might cause social problems,or more accurately, make the problems worse,as stated by PAS during their demonstration to oppose this move.Though,i wanna remind you something, that is, gambling is there all these while,and so are the problems that co-exist,namely ceti haram,a-long etc.they will not dissapear in a short period of time. Whether you legalise betting or not they will still be there. So we can't blame the government's move for causing these problems, when we, ourselves, are the root of the problems.

Gambling or betting do not cause social problems.Failing to control ourselves does.

Tun Dr. Mahathir made a fair comment. According to Agenda Daily, he said

"Mungkin pendapat saya berbeza sedikit dengan orang lain. Sama ada lesen judi dikeluar atau tidak, judi tetap berlaku di negara kita kerana orang-orang Cina memang suka berjudi."

"Jadi kalau dia berjudi tanpa lesen, tidak ada satu cara untuk kita menentukan perjudian itu tidak berleluasa. Ini kerana judi tidak haram bagi orang Cina, tetapi haram bagi orang Islam dan orang Islam jangan berjudilah. Kalau mereka didapati berjudi tangkaplah mereka."

I agree with the statement. However,the "kerana orang-orang Cina memang suka berjudi" statement, in my opinion, can be cut off. No offense.

But i think along with this move,the government should include education as part of the package too. In fact,we're the ones who should play the role of educating those around us so that people would know better to make a wise choice,or at least control ourselves, to prevent the bad outcomes of uncontrolled betting. Although it looks ironic,but we are just doin our parts to prevent bad things from happening. Just like in some countries, drugs are prohibited but at the same time they set up centres for drug addicts to switch used syringes with new ones.It seems ironic and clashing with what they practise,like they are encouraging it in a way.But fact is, it actually helped reduce AIDS in the country.

Actually i think there are agendas more worth commenting in the government than the legalisation thing. Such as the recent idea of using RM600 million to build another Parliament building and Istana Negara. Here's a couple of photos of them i found on sites.

That is the Parliament..Now let's have a look of the National Palace

What i wanna ask is, do we actually need a new Parliament building?Not to mention of course,the national palace. I think it's enough with these majestic structures. Can't we wait until our country is richer?Those money should be used for the people,aren't they?

Why dun you use some portion of that money to help the Sarawak people instead of "making a deal with them" in the by-election?It came from our pockets anyway.

Why dun you use that money to provide or help the people in need?Or you can use it to do something for the subsidiaries about to be cut.

I just think it's too much. Just be careful so we dun end up like Greece.

Saturday, June 19, 2010

sad case

i mentioned abt quarrelin in the last post,n how everybody seems like wanna get a piece of i m gonna SS!!

well im glad i did end it in a civilised least is way better thn wad she did anyway

tat's a sad case..thr r so many ppl around but not one dares 2 raise up a hand 2 stop it from happening.they r like gatherin around to get a piece of her humiliation.some of them knew it was wrong but didn hav da courage 2 stand up for wad is right

to tat gal in da pinky outfit..
do u settle problems over a few slaps?no.
do u solve matters wit a few slaps?if it is so,everyone would hav done it over slaps n move on wit life.
wad did she do 2 earn her slapping?
it is not ok 2 slap ppl.n mind u,smtimes verbal attacks can make much much more damage to a person thn actions..(not tat i encourage it but tat's da truth)

smokin is not good for health

dun really think u r in control of everyting juz bcoz it seems so..dun really think u r the "big sis" juz bcoz ppl calls u tat,coz tat is not a respect u earned
dun think ppl respects u bcoz u hav a louder voice.we respect ppl bcoz of their wisdom

to tat gal behind the scene who recorded the whole ting
shame on u
u meant for it 2 be a humiliation..ur aim is achieved
it has become a humiliation FOR YOU
u humiliate ppl bcoz u think u r not good enuf thn they are
or juz like 2 see ppl in a situation like dis?
anyway,shame on u
n yea,ur shrill voice is irritating :)

to those ppl around
hav some sense in you
bring up some courage to stand for what's right
at least it's better than 2 feel guilty for letting ppl deal wit dis for the rest of their lives
consider this
if u stopped dis,if u did make an action
dis video wouldn't hav been thr
tat pinky gal (who i believe is 2 childish 2 know wad's right) would hav been saved from dis humiliation
her future might be saved

of course,im not blaming y'all for her changed fate,she chose her path.but it could hav had a better offense

so now i wan 2 say tat we shud end a fight wit peace..

n i dun like the idea of fightin in public,given whether is online fb fighting or like it in private if u hav 2

civilised ppl settle prob by man talk..privately,one to one without havin 2 fight(even if they did quarrel a lil)
even in court,during a courting process, they dun expose all the judgement and all during the process.they know how 2 keep it low

so we should too,don't we?

Friday, June 18, 2010



wad shud i comment abt dis word?except tat it is a noun..

i was tryin 2 b honest,2 b true,but seems like ppl juz dun buy it 2 an extent,dun care whether is small or big..

ended up wit me bein made 2 look like a liar..

dis is another quote from me(made it myself): HONESTY IS A LESSON ONLY TO BE VALUED BUT NOT FOR ACCEPTANCE.

sarcastic isn't it?ppl rather believe in lies altho is a bad lie,but whn we try 2 be honest n tell the truth,they dun buy it..yet they teach us 2 be honest

no wonder i got b3 for moral

yeap,one day i was foolish enuf 2 reply a fren's comment on fb wit wad i believed was the truth n got scolded n shut up for it..and turns out the truth may not seem the truth at all..dis is wad happens whn u throw 100% of ur faith in ppl.2 sm extent they "were not true 2 themselves n others" n ended up u makin da wrong decision 2 b true 2 urself (n those who u trusted) n ends up bein verbally attacked and made into lookin like a liar.tat is wad happened in my case.

lesson learned?do NOT trust others 100%.i refused 2 do so in the past,now i got da taste of it.

but sm1 said i m brave.i quarreled wit tat guy who verbally "attacked" me n thn i gave up.simply bcoz he won't change his mind,partly bcoz i oso dunno wad i shud believe in anymore.i m not a good debator n i dun like 2 quarrel.

i dun like the idea of quarrelin up 2 no point quarrelin over spilt milk,no point quarrellin over petty's a waste.

wad i even dun like is da fact tat ppl wanna see me fight on fb.wad u guys wanna see actually?2 satisfy ur hunger 2 see ppl ugly side?or simply juz for fun?anyway,i juz dun like the fact u guys wanna see us was not meant 2 be a fight anyway,i didn wanna quarrel,i was juz makin request in da 1st place.i dun get wad u guys wan 2 see from's not a good ting oso 2 fight like,down down hand gesture

but 1 fren told me i was least i apologised..coz most gals wud juz quarrel up 2 no end..well i wanted 2,but thr's juz no point la..

(dis is my personal blog it's a way i express myself whn i couldn in daily life so i can do wadever i wan wit the words i wrote,n i didn mean 2 offend any1 in dis..juz let me express,won't u?)

Friday, June 11, 2010

Fifa la vida

FIFA world cup is here again

well,im not gonna watch da matches dis time like i did in 2006(actually i dunno y i followed,maybe my dad n bro are soccer fans and my frens were all excited so i juz bein affected by the crowd hehe)

becoz watchin da matches means wasting another portion of my time which shud be spent on exam exam exam... :(

means i will definitely miss another chance of watchin headbutt..if ever it happens again hahaha

da opening ceremony was not as great as china's olympic ceremony..i mean,who could??tat was soo extremely beautiful,not 2 mention $$$ CONSUMING...hahaha

tell u my current favourite player..i liked jens lehmann,alexander hleb and maybe thierry henry..but now i like argentina's lionel messi..hehe

the 1st time i saw him was in a school magazine which made fun of his MESSI hair flyin whn he runs..hahaha..well i think he'll look alot more handsome if he cut his hair short :) no offense..nevertheless,his hairstyle is loads better thn some of the dis (no offense)

another reason i like messi was altho his name is "messy",his soccer techniques are way much neater thn loads of other players (and his name)..n he's got a goodie goodie personality,not 2 many pattern like christiano ronaldo (no offense) doubt ronaldo is abit good lookin thn messi though :) so altho he's not as popular as david beckham,i stil like him way much better hehe

last fifa digi n maxis came up wit limited series top-up card which had soccer player's photos..i collected them n i got 7 different players de,(proudly sayin haha) sad case however,i threw away my Kaka card which was smhow i hav casillas,vieira,henry,lampard,beckham,gerard,n shevchenko..point is,i will collect again this year,but tat won't happen without my friends' tolong sikit kekekekekekeke

awww..well..i guess tat's all for my fifa eccentricity..i heard tat da fifa trophy has been stolen alot of times,n i heard last year's has been stolen 2..lets hope it doesn't happen dis time :)

Tuesday, June 1, 2010

status upgraded

my status is upgraded..IM AN AUNT!!AUNTIE AUNTIE!!! haha XD

congrats 2 my cousin n cousin in law,n so lucky 2 hav da baby on ur bday!!!it sure is da biggest gift :) da baby is cute!!!she sure knows how 2 choose her d.o.b haha

isn't she cute???awwww