Wednesday, December 29, 2010

in sg

im in sg now everyone :)

life's really really really busy here..alot of stress but i think im adapting 2 it :)

i went out with andrew last week on christmas his advice abt wad i shud do.of course,he did it in an unexpected way,describing the details n makin me feel comfortable wit it n my decision.

to liang aka star>wad u said i got listen ok,juz didn hav enough courage until andrew said it.but i think u ard know tat haha

to andrew> thanks for ur advice..n company whn im in like heartache state.i really appreciate it ALOT :) if go genting work thn muz let me know ya

to laren> dun waste ur time on me,dun u think i've been avoiding u all this while?

to maumau>miss ur unique laugh.

to whoever who's workin or findin a job>good luck!!

Derrick aka chicken XD> i wanna go gym leh..if i got time in march can jio ppl out?

winford,ruling,kye wei,ejynn>i miss y'all,y no news???

way ming>take care,hope u get well soon :) amitabha much for the messages i wanna convey..

everybody's nice here,the colleagues r patient to teach me,boss is nice,he even gave me my first ever christmas present!!!and he's kind hearted :) one day whn i didn eat lunch he offered half of his sandwich 2 me coz i was "disappearing" haha

everybody seems 2 be stuffing me wit food n they think im thin(which is very true) but..well i've been felein nauseous since i was here..dunno y..smtimes hungry but after a few bites like full i think im getting thinner :( bad sign TT

2day is the day i feel not nauseous haha i finished my meals XD and i feel satisfied..i feel tat i earned my salary..Mr Yap is right i think..i think im kind of a workaholic XD well it's better thn emo all the time right Mau??XD

startin 2 cope wit stress..everybody's wishes, motivation,good will,is pushing me thru..thank y'all for tat and I LOVE Y'ALL MUACKXXXXXXXX

but of coz..i mis dad,i miss mum,i miss every single fren,i miss mum's cookin,i miss mr khoo n mr shu,i miss school, i miss my bed,,haha homesick d..

i'll be ok :)

Saturday, December 25, 2010


juz came back from midnight..dunno wad im supposed 2 feel.confused yet somehow clear..

my mind is clear,i know wad i should do..but somehow my heart feels confused.guess i can't let myself drop down deeper..

feelin down on christmas day..haix..

to cho liang,juz how many times r u gonna apologise?i told u it's not ur fault,so stop apologising,i dun blame u :) if anyone is to blame,thn let me be the one.i fell into this,chose it myself even though i knew i ought not to.

so many ppl arnd me,so many guys,yet...haix

well..decision will be made in time..n the answer's comin up slowly..slowly becomin clear..juz wait for one word,one word (maybe 2) then it's...set??

hmm..anyway i hav 2 b optimistic.hav 2 face it's another "barrier" right?will hav many many more to come in the future,especially work n results.hope everyting wil b ok n i'll be healthy.

hmm..i guess tat's all for my recent post..hope everybody will be healthy n ok,will contact y'all n i miss y'all very much.andrew,liang,fk,tong,ejynn,soo lee,soo lin,kye wei,jj,matthew,ming ann,jeffrin etc etc etc and those who r in foreign countries as well,kinn weng,fish n others.i hope y'all r ok n happy wit life

last but not least, thanks to winford for ur wishes for christmas.appreciate the fact tat u stil rmb me after so long :) miss y'all so much :) okla,if i continue im gonna go crazy missing and MERRY CHRISTMAS ^.^

Thursday, September 9, 2010

Selepas Tsunami (With Mandarin Subtitles) from Pusat KOMAS on Vimeo.

I dun wanna comment anything here..juz watch and analyse before you make a choice,tat's the message :)


Monday, July 5, 2010

Thank u post

Today is my birthday,so i want to spend the last few moments here to express my gratitude.

Firstly,i wanna thank my parents.Thanks to mum for bringin me into the world and raise me up wit good moral values..And thanks to my dad too for educating me with facts from world and from life as gave the best to me and although sometimes i've been sensitive with your words and all,i stil feel very grateful for having the chance to learn from the world and for you to provide me with a cozy home and good ya

Thanks to my teachers for educating me with facts and social matters too..since daycare to kindergarten to primary to secondary to high school including tuition teachers..being able to learn from y'all,whether through the easy or the hard way,has given me so much strength and experience..

To my bro..thanks for quarreling wit me...??? would hav been dull if i had no one to argue with..haha

thanks to my friends as well..i fell down really hard in my past and thanks to y'all for giving me a 2nd chance and enough support so i can get back on my feet again..i'm able to face myself becoz of y'all..whether you're online frens or real-life frens (especially the real life frens) i've learned so much from y'all and they made me a better person than the past,through the hard or easy way.y'all supported me through the hard times and gave me enough motivation to move on..i've learned so much life's philosophy from y'all and you made me accept myself for who i am,unique,eccentric,whatever you say.i feel more happy than b4 now wit y'all around..thx for always listening 2 me n my problems despite all ur personal guys really are great

thanks to ppl around me,my relatives,thanks to my cousin spouse who gave birth to such a cute niece..thanks to y'all for helping me with choices and view upon the world..

thanks to all the strangers that helped me..without your help i would not hav survived so easily..even those who had passed away but left the world with such valuable information and inventions and philosophies..becoz of u we ppl can live a more comfortable life..

thanks to my enemies in the past n current enemies too..altho i dun make enemies..those who i dun like and dun like me as well,whether is openly and officially or in the dark..those who cheated n hurt me..thanks to you for exposing me to another part of this world,altho it is ugly but it is also the reality and thanks to y'all for lettin me face this and gainin a wider view towards the world in another angle..thru these i am able to learn to get up from a fall as well,with or without help.i learn to be strong as well as vulnerable..i learned to deal with thank you

now more specifically i wanna thank all those ppl who remembered my bday n wished me as well..ian ivan ming ann angeline jared nigel laren liang(star)

oh!!to liang..thanks for the bday gift..not bad haha..wad's his name??and for nigel,thanks for the bday cake..secret reccipe man,not cheap..

to those who wished me i would like to thank y'all..altho i did in fb..and i would like to wish y'all a great future ahead..and be blessed with good health as well as sanity..hope y'all enjoy your life dun forget to work hard..hav a good life ahead^^ chillax

Sunday, June 20, 2010

reply to posts

Lately there are a lot of negative comments about the issue regarding legalisation of betting by the government. I kinda like the idea though. You see, with or without the legalisation,with or without the license, betting will still continue. So i think it's a better idea that they legalised it,because in our culture,we are not prohibited from doing so.

However,this move might cause social problems,or more accurately, make the problems worse,as stated by PAS during their demonstration to oppose this move.Though,i wanna remind you something, that is, gambling is there all these while,and so are the problems that co-exist,namely ceti haram,a-long etc.they will not dissapear in a short period of time. Whether you legalise betting or not they will still be there. So we can't blame the government's move for causing these problems, when we, ourselves, are the root of the problems.

Gambling or betting do not cause social problems.Failing to control ourselves does.

Tun Dr. Mahathir made a fair comment. According to Agenda Daily, he said

"Mungkin pendapat saya berbeza sedikit dengan orang lain. Sama ada lesen judi dikeluar atau tidak, judi tetap berlaku di negara kita kerana orang-orang Cina memang suka berjudi."

"Jadi kalau dia berjudi tanpa lesen, tidak ada satu cara untuk kita menentukan perjudian itu tidak berleluasa. Ini kerana judi tidak haram bagi orang Cina, tetapi haram bagi orang Islam dan orang Islam jangan berjudilah. Kalau mereka didapati berjudi tangkaplah mereka."

I agree with the statement. However,the "kerana orang-orang Cina memang suka berjudi" statement, in my opinion, can be cut off. No offense.

But i think along with this move,the government should include education as part of the package too. In fact,we're the ones who should play the role of educating those around us so that people would know better to make a wise choice,or at least control ourselves, to prevent the bad outcomes of uncontrolled betting. Although it looks ironic,but we are just doin our parts to prevent bad things from happening. Just like in some countries, drugs are prohibited but at the same time they set up centres for drug addicts to switch used syringes with new ones.It seems ironic and clashing with what they practise,like they are encouraging it in a way.But fact is, it actually helped reduce AIDS in the country.

Actually i think there are agendas more worth commenting in the government than the legalisation thing. Such as the recent idea of using RM600 million to build another Parliament building and Istana Negara. Here's a couple of photos of them i found on sites.

That is the Parliament..Now let's have a look of the National Palace

What i wanna ask is, do we actually need a new Parliament building?Not to mention of course,the national palace. I think it's enough with these majestic structures. Can't we wait until our country is richer?Those money should be used for the people,aren't they?

Why dun you use some portion of that money to help the Sarawak people instead of "making a deal with them" in the by-election?It came from our pockets anyway.

Why dun you use that money to provide or help the people in need?Or you can use it to do something for the subsidiaries about to be cut.

I just think it's too much. Just be careful so we dun end up like Greece.

Saturday, June 19, 2010

sad case

i mentioned abt quarrelin in the last post,n how everybody seems like wanna get a piece of i m gonna SS!!

well im glad i did end it in a civilised least is way better thn wad she did anyway

tat's a sad case..thr r so many ppl around but not one dares 2 raise up a hand 2 stop it from happening.they r like gatherin around to get a piece of her humiliation.some of them knew it was wrong but didn hav da courage 2 stand up for wad is right

to tat gal in da pinky outfit..
do u settle problems over a few slaps?no.
do u solve matters wit a few slaps?if it is so,everyone would hav done it over slaps n move on wit life.
wad did she do 2 earn her slapping?
it is not ok 2 slap ppl.n mind u,smtimes verbal attacks can make much much more damage to a person thn actions..(not tat i encourage it but tat's da truth)

smokin is not good for health

dun really think u r in control of everyting juz bcoz it seems so..dun really think u r the "big sis" juz bcoz ppl calls u tat,coz tat is not a respect u earned
dun think ppl respects u bcoz u hav a louder voice.we respect ppl bcoz of their wisdom

to tat gal behind the scene who recorded the whole ting
shame on u
u meant for it 2 be a humiliation..ur aim is achieved
it has become a humiliation FOR YOU
u humiliate ppl bcoz u think u r not good enuf thn they are
or juz like 2 see ppl in a situation like dis?
anyway,shame on u
n yea,ur shrill voice is irritating :)

to those ppl around
hav some sense in you
bring up some courage to stand for what's right
at least it's better than 2 feel guilty for letting ppl deal wit dis for the rest of their lives
consider this
if u stopped dis,if u did make an action
dis video wouldn't hav been thr
tat pinky gal (who i believe is 2 childish 2 know wad's right) would hav been saved from dis humiliation
her future might be saved

of course,im not blaming y'all for her changed fate,she chose her path.but it could hav had a better offense

so now i wan 2 say tat we shud end a fight wit peace..

n i dun like the idea of fightin in public,given whether is online fb fighting or like it in private if u hav 2

civilised ppl settle prob by man talk..privately,one to one without havin 2 fight(even if they did quarrel a lil)
even in court,during a courting process, they dun expose all the judgement and all during the process.they know how 2 keep it low

so we should too,don't we?

Friday, June 18, 2010



wad shud i comment abt dis word?except tat it is a noun..

i was tryin 2 b honest,2 b true,but seems like ppl juz dun buy it 2 an extent,dun care whether is small or big..

ended up wit me bein made 2 look like a liar..

dis is another quote from me(made it myself): HONESTY IS A LESSON ONLY TO BE VALUED BUT NOT FOR ACCEPTANCE.

sarcastic isn't it?ppl rather believe in lies altho is a bad lie,but whn we try 2 be honest n tell the truth,they dun buy it..yet they teach us 2 be honest

no wonder i got b3 for moral

yeap,one day i was foolish enuf 2 reply a fren's comment on fb wit wad i believed was the truth n got scolded n shut up for it..and turns out the truth may not seem the truth at all..dis is wad happens whn u throw 100% of ur faith in ppl.2 sm extent they "were not true 2 themselves n others" n ended up u makin da wrong decision 2 b true 2 urself (n those who u trusted) n ends up bein verbally attacked and made into lookin like a liar.tat is wad happened in my case.

lesson learned?do NOT trust others 100%.i refused 2 do so in the past,now i got da taste of it.

but sm1 said i m brave.i quarreled wit tat guy who verbally "attacked" me n thn i gave up.simply bcoz he won't change his mind,partly bcoz i oso dunno wad i shud believe in anymore.i m not a good debator n i dun like 2 quarrel.

i dun like the idea of quarrelin up 2 no point quarrelin over spilt milk,no point quarrellin over petty's a waste.

wad i even dun like is da fact tat ppl wanna see me fight on fb.wad u guys wanna see actually?2 satisfy ur hunger 2 see ppl ugly side?or simply juz for fun?anyway,i juz dun like the fact u guys wanna see us was not meant 2 be a fight anyway,i didn wanna quarrel,i was juz makin request in da 1st place.i dun get wad u guys wan 2 see from's not a good ting oso 2 fight like,down down hand gesture

but 1 fren told me i was least i apologised..coz most gals wud juz quarrel up 2 no end..well i wanted 2,but thr's juz no point la..

(dis is my personal blog it's a way i express myself whn i couldn in daily life so i can do wadever i wan wit the words i wrote,n i didn mean 2 offend any1 in dis..juz let me express,won't u?)

Friday, June 11, 2010

Fifa la vida

FIFA world cup is here again

well,im not gonna watch da matches dis time like i did in 2006(actually i dunno y i followed,maybe my dad n bro are soccer fans and my frens were all excited so i juz bein affected by the crowd hehe)

becoz watchin da matches means wasting another portion of my time which shud be spent on exam exam exam... :(

means i will definitely miss another chance of watchin headbutt..if ever it happens again hahaha

da opening ceremony was not as great as china's olympic ceremony..i mean,who could??tat was soo extremely beautiful,not 2 mention $$$ CONSUMING...hahaha

tell u my current favourite player..i liked jens lehmann,alexander hleb and maybe thierry henry..but now i like argentina's lionel messi..hehe

the 1st time i saw him was in a school magazine which made fun of his MESSI hair flyin whn he runs..hahaha..well i think he'll look alot more handsome if he cut his hair short :) no offense..nevertheless,his hairstyle is loads better thn some of the dis (no offense)

another reason i like messi was altho his name is "messy",his soccer techniques are way much neater thn loads of other players (and his name)..n he's got a goodie goodie personality,not 2 many pattern like christiano ronaldo (no offense) doubt ronaldo is abit good lookin thn messi though :) so altho he's not as popular as david beckham,i stil like him way much better hehe

last fifa digi n maxis came up wit limited series top-up card which had soccer player's photos..i collected them n i got 7 different players de,(proudly sayin haha) sad case however,i threw away my Kaka card which was smhow i hav casillas,vieira,henry,lampard,beckham,gerard,n shevchenko..point is,i will collect again this year,but tat won't happen without my friends' tolong sikit kekekekekekeke

awww..well..i guess tat's all for my fifa eccentricity..i heard tat da fifa trophy has been stolen alot of times,n i heard last year's has been stolen 2..lets hope it doesn't happen dis time :)

Tuesday, June 1, 2010

status upgraded

my status is upgraded..IM AN AUNT!!AUNTIE AUNTIE!!! haha XD

congrats 2 my cousin n cousin in law,n so lucky 2 hav da baby on ur bday!!!it sure is da biggest gift :) da baby is cute!!!she sure knows how 2 choose her d.o.b haha

isn't she cute???awwww

Tuesday, May 18, 2010

pluck teeth

hmm..they pluck my teeth long more u wanna bleed leh???u've been bleeding for hours leh...sob sob..y is beauty so important in dis world?ppl keep on pressuring others with beauty..da doctor told me da treatment i get is juz a compromising one..da main prob is my face muscle is thicker thn others,it makes my face look 90 degree..but my chin is 2 small..tat's y my teeth looks weird..the actual treatment i shud get is 2 surgically cut off some of my face muscles n pull my chin..tat means it would juz help a little by wearin braces..haix..

i won't hav wearin braces does not help much.part of me didn wanna do da braces after hearin tat.i wanna be proud of myself,not of wad i look,but my true self.but i had 2 do braces anyway,coz dad says even if it oni helps a little,it stil helps.he says i'll realise da importance of looks whn i get into da society..

y is look so important??dis is how i look,does it matter much if im a good person n do well in work?y do the society keep on pressuring with outer beauty??can't anyone see past looks into ppl's hearts,ppl's personality?can't we juz sense it through others?

maybe im juz bein sensitive.i tend 2 look on da world on the sensible side 2 much,tat's y im so straight n trust others very easily..reality is harsh,i keep tellin myself,but part of me didn wanna believe it..well,wad can do except juz accept da fact

but i won't hav surgery for my face.i won't hav it.i like my natural self n i dun like bein fake.i dun wanna be fake!!!i accept n love myself for who i am,n i hope you can do so too..tat's all for now :)

Friday, May 14, 2010


thr're alot of unanswered ques in me..

i dun think i need 2 tell anybody wad im doin,as long as i know wad im doin lo..我觉得我不需要向你交代什么,我已经把我的心意表达得很清楚,请别践踏别人的自尊,别继续毁坏你在我心中的形象,践踏你自己。难道你真得那么可怜,眼里只看到缺点,嘴里只能说出变态还有攻击的话,只会做出伤人自尊的动作吗?maybe our mindsets are different la..but nvm,i won't be hurt by u anymore,u won't affect me d coz i got my frens n my blog 2 deal wit it^^ much of emo currently trainin myself 2 drink more water as i really lack water..smtimes whole day oso i drink not until 2 avoid fatigue n other health prob(especially liver) i better drink regular water..3litre 1 day at least..try 2 acoomplish..tat blackout exp n my fatigue alerted if u see me pls remind me 2 drink water lo hehe:)

hmm..i guess tat's all..haha..byebye..nights..muacx^^

Tuesday, May 11, 2010

factual essay by hao hao

Our discipline has gone from bad to worse nowadays. Students are doing now what would have been labelled as "insanity" by students 20 years ago. Our children are doing what students 20 years ago would only dream of. There is not even a hint of surprise when we open the newspapers and read about crimes commited by youngsters. Is this what we wanted of our children? Surely there must be a way, some alternative, effort done to prevent this phenomenon from becoming catastrophic.

First, we must train ourselves to become a "counsellor". See, when people hear about disciplinary problems, they would turn to teachers or specifically counselling teachers in the school. Yes, counselling teachers should put in extra effort in their post, but ask yourself, how many students would actually talk heart to heart with counselling teachers. When we are down, we tend to wish someone close would open their ears, not some counselling teachers who you don't really know. We must open our eyes and ears, motivate people around you, help them up when they are down, show them that thye are not alone, that you are there with them, giving support morally to overcome their adversaries. Let there be love.

Still, school rules should be tightened and strictly enforced. We realise that sometimes some people (the hard core ones) don't change with counselling. This is because they tend to view counselling as "an act of consolence to weaklings". So, they pretend to be strong, ignoring the love given to them, doin silly stuff to get attention yet not admitting they need attention. Now school rules have to be enforced against these people, give severe warning for a few times, then apply surveillance against them, and if our effort comes to no avail, expulsion from school is necessary. Public caning should also be considered by the school to ensure that these people will think twice before they break any school rules. Now, this might seem cruel, but for the problematic ones, we are actually trying to help them, if only they could see our intentions, we just want to prevent them from doing something that they will regret in the future. We want to save them before it is too late.

Other than that, parents also play a pivotal role in the healing of our younger generation. This is because parents know their children since they are young. Show good example, open their innocent eyes towards this world, show them the path for young minds tend to get lost in this phony-ballony world. Please accept your children's weaknesses, love them for who they are, for there is no bond stronger than the bond between parents and the children. Do not deny nor complain for you children's fault, see the greatness of fate, for in millions of people, God has chosen us to be their parents.

I know that sometimes we just get fed up, to see our effort, the gift of our love trampled by them, to see years of hard work crumble before us just for their need of fun, of pure pleasure which are just poisoning them. Sometimes, we just feel like giving up. But I have seen some who would not give up, some who would love their child fully even though they know they might not be loved the way they have loved their children. Some who would fight on even when all hope is lost. All I ask of you, please have faith, fot it is not all our children's fault, they are just lost, they just don't realise that being lost is just so close to being found. We must show them, even though we're not sure how, love will always show us our way. Have faith, people, have faith.
since i found out i hav 2 hav a place 2 express my feelings n everyone has their own agenda n i can't trouble y'all everytime wit my expression,i'll reblog again 2 let out.. :)

lately i had alot on my mind..well..i hav 2 sides in me,1 major part of me is jovial n easy-goin,n another part is often negative(i mean,emo) n lately things happened n they juz struck me all in a i guess i was "attacked" and couldn't find my a result i dun mix around,keep quiet most of da time coz i was afraid i wil burst.BOM!!!when i dun feel right abt smbody,or angry,or upset,i keep quiet.coz i know if i said smting i would hav said it idioticallyn cause quarrel.but i couldn't take it a volcano full wit larva,i erupted tat day whn i had a quarrel wit ivan.i dunno y he quarrel wit me oso.i juz wanna make myself clear..n the expression on his face tat moment struck me.couldn't believe..are u another person??...well..i didn't wanna talk 2 fact i dun wanna forgive u..ever..but i dunno y i did 2day..subconciously..guess im not much of an avenger...?but i wil NEVER forget ur expression,never ever.

anyway..i felt better after exploding for 1 whole day..after talkin 2 kye wei n all..and tryin 2 deal wit it in school..i returned 2 myself da next nxt day..but 1 ting anxiety..i dunno wad caused it..maybe da controllin had made me aware??and i think 2 much??i found out i can't stop..even in my sleep..imagine livin a day twice,1 in reality n 1 in ur's horrible..n on sports day..becoz of chances n time factor..i din eat any meal fr morn til afternoon n i rushed here n thr helpin tcher n managin stuffs..n even went marchin under da damn hot a result,i blackout after singin da patriotic songs..juz for a few seconds la,no worries,i get tat quite frequently since these few yrs..whenever i dun hav enuf energy or blood im prone 2 blackouts..dark spots materialise n i can't continue doin wad i was..if not i'll totally go blank n fall..smtimes my face gets white,smtimes i vomit,smtimes i out of breathe so hav 2 run 2 smwhr n sit or lie..wad happen 2 me leh???dis time i fell over pek's shoulders,which has never happened b4 despite all da problems..n she had 2 assist me back 2 da tent..on da way i stayed strong,tryin 2 keep myself awake n breathe..i can hear sounds but my feet were like wobbly n whn i open my eyes..i can't see anyting..tat's abit directions had 2 depend on sm1 else..>.<

n we celebrated kye wei n king's bday 2..nice party we had..n had mother's day 2gether wit mum's bday..shh dun wanna say da details..

and..oo..i read bro's essay n it was well done :) i'll post them if i hav time..tat's all for now ba..n I HATE KLK..STOP ASKIN ME 2 PREPARE!!! hehe byebye

Sunday, January 24, 2010

time flies

time flies..soon gonna cny..n soon gonna be STPM!!!

now hw ard piling,plus sports koku n stupid kolokium,almost no time d..time flies

oh,btw,king is warded bcoz of dengue..pity..hope u recover soon!!:)

goin back in time......

i m not happy wit johnson.yes im not happy wit fact,i got abit fish fish u.wad u sms tat day pissed me off.(i guess piss is not a bad word)I MEAN EVERY WORD I SAY.n if u gonna avoid me juz bcoz of rumours,u r coward.I DUN CARE WAD OTHERS SAY ABT ME AS LONG AS IT'S NOT TRUE.dis is quote i got fr smbody famous:)i juz wan 2 make frens,wanna talk 2 u naturally like others do.tat's y i asked kenny tat ques,IS TAT WRONG?now,wad i wanna say is juz FISH OFF FROM MY LIFE N STOP LOOKIN AT ME WIT TAT LOOK.tat is humiliating n i noticed not happy wit it.ok much for him.hmm..last week i went 2 tribe for andrew's gathering call.guess wad,i got drunk.not totally,but face got red n hot n head was spinnin.i can stil count fingers n do differentiation:) but whn i reflected back,i think i was abit scary.n it was abit scary,wit all those emotions suddenly rushed in.conclusion,i cried in weijie's car whn i went home,but i was ok.thn got scolded by dad da moment i got into my hse,not bcoz of drunk but bcoz i was late.(i shud be back b4 12am n it was 12.30 whn i reached home)he din see tat im drunk oso la coz by da time i reached da drunkenness has subsided a little,n i quickly slipped into my room,so he din notice it.hehe. time for long post d lo..will update IF i hav time n if hav time oso used for pigging d..haha..byebye^^

Friday, January 15, 2010

i juz wanna say 1 thing

well..altho i dunno u..but i hope u can appreciate wad he did for u n his feelin for u..wadever ur decision is i won't ask anyting,coz is between u 2..but pls appreciate wad he did lo altho it might not end well..he is one true person..true to himself and others(at least to me)..apart from ******,****** and perhaps ****..and true guys need 2 be appreciated:)

Friday, January 8, 2010

untitled essay (written by hao hao)

Today,I would like to write in English about my feelings. I feel afraid, although as much as I tell myself that I can't admit being afraid, fearing it would affect my confidence. Afraid of the past, the sins of my past haunt me, I actually realised it's only in my mind and I can't care too much about the past. First, I can't change it, so there's no point crying over spilt milk. But I'm human. Man tends to look back at something that has already happened and ask "what if"? That's how the feeling of regret is born, Sometimes I feel funny, because when I look back, although I asked myself "what if?" But then I asked my deeper conscience, that if I were given a chanc again, what would I choose?Funny and amusing enough, I would choose the same path that I've taken. Yes, the path I've taken has brought uncertanties, but I followed what I felt was right. I did things using my heart, not my brain, and I think the result matters less. Some might choose to call me arrogant, stupid, stubborn, ignorant.Some might choose to call me beautiful, sexy, artistic. In fact, they're both right. See, people see what they chose to see. They wished to see something the way they want, and in their eyes that is the truth. But a truly wise person will know that what they feel might not be correct. Everyone has a different answer and we can't be too arrogant to deny others' answers. The sky is filled with cloud. Two people are looking up at the sky. One sees a bird, another sees a fish. No one is right, no one is wrong. It's just a bunch of clouds, signifying nothing. But our minds decide what they signify. And there are countless possibilities. So at the same time of being nothing, the cloud is signifying everyhing. Okay, let's change to another topic. My father asked me to sing to him today. I sang and while I sang he laughed. And the most natural feeling comes, awkwardness, inconfidence, but of course, I, myself, am the owner of my feelings, therefore I can choose to be happy all the time if I want to. But I'm human. Human nature, something that comes so naturally, seems so impossible to defy or control. It comes so quickly, so suddenly, and before we know it we're commiting sins and are soon showing the ugly side of mankind. It is human nature that raised various problems that happens in our world. Racism, hatred, anger, war. Things that seemingly occur at a large scale but actually comes from each and every human being. It seems impossible to stop these things because it is already impossible to constantly banish the bad, nasty human nature out of a person, needless to say millions of people.

But still, people dream, dream of a day when miracle would come, when an utopia can truly be built. But still, those people have to be careful. They cannot call those war-makers and extremists wrong, because they only have a different point of view. Each living thing is only struggling and fighting for their cause, what they felt is right. Maybe someday if someone dominates the world and can still be fair and just, then people rebel, throwing the dominator off his throne, starting the circle all over again. So can we blame a country trying to suppress another major power? Maybe supreme control might bring peace. Who knows for sure? But then, as I said, there are two sides to of a story. Often has man reached a certain height of glory, only to be brought down by sins of pride. Being proud, as in one of the human nature, man will start to bring jealousy, man will turn into a monster, ravaged by pride. So, okay, maybe you can say "so? what if you tell me these things?" Yeah, I mean a mere average joe, like us, just trying to make ends meet, what change can we possibly bring to the world? But, if there is a choice, would it have been better to know or just remain ignorant towards this knowledge? You choose.

Saturday, January 2, 2010

i wan 2 tell u abt smting!!!

ytd..(sm1) wan 2 becm my bro..yyyyy?i dun wan leh..haiz..I DUN WAN!!!WA TAK MAU OK!!!dun call me jie i dun like..feels so me xin er back la pls???T.T

and hor..tell u smting agn..da plant specimens we plucked at botanical garden..THEY GOT STOLEN!!!story is like dis..i put da plant specimens in a stack of newspaper 2 be preserved..thn i put da stack of newspaper at my hse corridor..thn ytd night i found out..either ytd or da day b4 tat..sm1 came and stole da whole stack of newspaper..wit da plant specimens inside..FISH FISH FISH FISH FISH! @#$%^&*()

thn my mum said she knew sm neighbours who always roam round n collect newspapers she walked me 2 their hses 2 ask whether they took it or not..turned out they other choice but 2 redo the whole ting asap as school's goin 2 reopen soon..FISH FISH FISH AGAIN

so..mum walked wit me around the neighbourhood..tat time is night time d know..abt 9 smting..swt..n she identified sm flowers which are planted by my neighbours and since no1 is thr...hee..we plucked da flowers..hehe..suddenly i becm pluck flower thief d..HAHA..lolzz..and thn we went 2 visit my uncle's hse since it's new year..on da way(at my uncle's neighbourhood)we oso stole flowers from his neighbours..hehe..and after the visit..we passed by a fake waterfall built by da govt..and we saw PLANTS..haha now i finally figured out a benefit of tat my dad parked thr and we walked along pluckin the govt flowers(i hope i dun get saman)

so..yea..pluck flower thief stealin flowers at the end we got abt 29 flowers of definitely more thn 5 families..NICE 1!!!thx 2 my super mum who helped and identified sm of da flowers and made da job easy..hee..and now we hav more thn enuf so i can relax abit liao..and partly oso muz thank da newspaper thief oso..coz tat day da specimens we collected at botanical garden is definitely not enuf..i estimated and we had juz around 10 species..hee..put it like dis,1 trip 2 botanical garden cannot fight me miss pluck flower thief..HAHA!!!

let's of the flowers i can't identify..but i think i hav jasmine,七里香,牡丹,dandelion,peppermint,papaya leaf,pandanus,evergreen,ixora,and alot alot more..geng leh..haha tat's 2 story told..another cousin's wedding has been recorded and edited and pasted on youtube..quite nice leh!!is a nice wedding wit highlights and filled wit laughter..:)i'll post it here

ok so finish 3rd story..for dis holiday i stil din manage 2 go 2 seaside..but i achieved my goal 2 drive alone..mum let me drive alone for da 1st time on 31st!!haha..and i ended up gettin lost due 2 my stupid sense of direction..but wit help i found my way n managed 2 get thru gahahahaha gonna reopen..i gonna tidy up n study hard hard d!!yes..jiayu!!!^^