Sunday, January 24, 2010

time flies

time flies..soon gonna cny..n soon gonna be STPM!!!

now hw ard piling,plus sports koku n stupid kolokium,almost no time d..time flies

oh,btw,king is warded bcoz of dengue..pity..hope u recover soon!!:)

goin back in time......

i m not happy wit johnson.yes im not happy wit fact,i got abit fish fish u.wad u sms tat day pissed me off.(i guess piss is not a bad word)I MEAN EVERY WORD I SAY.n if u gonna avoid me juz bcoz of rumours,u r coward.I DUN CARE WAD OTHERS SAY ABT ME AS LONG AS IT'S NOT TRUE.dis is quote i got fr smbody famous:)i juz wan 2 make frens,wanna talk 2 u naturally like others do.tat's y i asked kenny tat ques,IS TAT WRONG?now,wad i wanna say is juz FISH OFF FROM MY LIFE N STOP LOOKIN AT ME WIT TAT LOOK.tat is humiliating n i noticed not happy wit it.ok much for him.hmm..last week i went 2 tribe for andrew's gathering call.guess wad,i got drunk.not totally,but face got red n hot n head was spinnin.i can stil count fingers n do differentiation:) but whn i reflected back,i think i was abit scary.n it was abit scary,wit all those emotions suddenly rushed in.conclusion,i cried in weijie's car whn i went home,but i was ok.thn got scolded by dad da moment i got into my hse,not bcoz of drunk but bcoz i was late.(i shud be back b4 12am n it was 12.30 whn i reached home)he din see tat im drunk oso la coz by da time i reached da drunkenness has subsided a little,n i quickly slipped into my room,so he din notice it.hehe. time for long post d lo..will update IF i hav time n if hav time oso used for pigging d..haha..byebye^^

Friday, January 15, 2010

i juz wanna say 1 thing

well..altho i dunno u..but i hope u can appreciate wad he did for u n his feelin for u..wadever ur decision is i won't ask anyting,coz is between u 2..but pls appreciate wad he did lo altho it might not end well..he is one true person..true to himself and others(at least to me)..apart from ******,****** and perhaps ****..and true guys need 2 be appreciated:)

Friday, January 8, 2010

untitled essay (written by hao hao)

Today,I would like to write in English about my feelings. I feel afraid, although as much as I tell myself that I can't admit being afraid, fearing it would affect my confidence. Afraid of the past, the sins of my past haunt me, I actually realised it's only in my mind and I can't care too much about the past. First, I can't change it, so there's no point crying over spilt milk. But I'm human. Man tends to look back at something that has already happened and ask "what if"? That's how the feeling of regret is born, Sometimes I feel funny, because when I look back, although I asked myself "what if?" But then I asked my deeper conscience, that if I were given a chanc again, what would I choose?Funny and amusing enough, I would choose the same path that I've taken. Yes, the path I've taken has brought uncertanties, but I followed what I felt was right. I did things using my heart, not my brain, and I think the result matters less. Some might choose to call me arrogant, stupid, stubborn, ignorant.Some might choose to call me beautiful, sexy, artistic. In fact, they're both right. See, people see what they chose to see. They wished to see something the way they want, and in their eyes that is the truth. But a truly wise person will know that what they feel might not be correct. Everyone has a different answer and we can't be too arrogant to deny others' answers. The sky is filled with cloud. Two people are looking up at the sky. One sees a bird, another sees a fish. No one is right, no one is wrong. It's just a bunch of clouds, signifying nothing. But our minds decide what they signify. And there are countless possibilities. So at the same time of being nothing, the cloud is signifying everyhing. Okay, let's change to another topic. My father asked me to sing to him today. I sang and while I sang he laughed. And the most natural feeling comes, awkwardness, inconfidence, but of course, I, myself, am the owner of my feelings, therefore I can choose to be happy all the time if I want to. But I'm human. Human nature, something that comes so naturally, seems so impossible to defy or control. It comes so quickly, so suddenly, and before we know it we're commiting sins and are soon showing the ugly side of mankind. It is human nature that raised various problems that happens in our world. Racism, hatred, anger, war. Things that seemingly occur at a large scale but actually comes from each and every human being. It seems impossible to stop these things because it is already impossible to constantly banish the bad, nasty human nature out of a person, needless to say millions of people.

But still, people dream, dream of a day when miracle would come, when an utopia can truly be built. But still, those people have to be careful. They cannot call those war-makers and extremists wrong, because they only have a different point of view. Each living thing is only struggling and fighting for their cause, what they felt is right. Maybe someday if someone dominates the world and can still be fair and just, then people rebel, throwing the dominator off his throne, starting the circle all over again. So can we blame a country trying to suppress another major power? Maybe supreme control might bring peace. Who knows for sure? But then, as I said, there are two sides to of a story. Often has man reached a certain height of glory, only to be brought down by sins of pride. Being proud, as in one of the human nature, man will start to bring jealousy, man will turn into a monster, ravaged by pride. So, okay, maybe you can say "so? what if you tell me these things?" Yeah, I mean a mere average joe, like us, just trying to make ends meet, what change can we possibly bring to the world? But, if there is a choice, would it have been better to know or just remain ignorant towards this knowledge? You choose.

Saturday, January 2, 2010

i wan 2 tell u abt smting!!!

ytd..(sm1) wan 2 becm my bro..yyyyy?i dun wan leh..haiz..I DUN WAN!!!WA TAK MAU OK!!!dun call me jie i dun like..feels so me xin er back la pls???T.T

and hor..tell u smting agn..da plant specimens we plucked at botanical garden..THEY GOT STOLEN!!!story is like dis..i put da plant specimens in a stack of newspaper 2 be preserved..thn i put da stack of newspaper at my hse corridor..thn ytd night i found out..either ytd or da day b4 tat..sm1 came and stole da whole stack of newspaper..wit da plant specimens inside..FISH FISH FISH FISH FISH! @#$%^&*()

thn my mum said she knew sm neighbours who always roam round n collect newspapers she walked me 2 their hses 2 ask whether they took it or not..turned out they other choice but 2 redo the whole ting asap as school's goin 2 reopen soon..FISH FISH FISH AGAIN

so..mum walked wit me around the neighbourhood..tat time is night time d know..abt 9 smting..swt..n she identified sm flowers which are planted by my neighbours and since no1 is thr...hee..we plucked da flowers..hehe..suddenly i becm pluck flower thief d..HAHA..lolzz..and thn we went 2 visit my uncle's hse since it's new year..on da way(at my uncle's neighbourhood)we oso stole flowers from his neighbours..hehe..and after the visit..we passed by a fake waterfall built by da govt..and we saw PLANTS..haha now i finally figured out a benefit of tat my dad parked thr and we walked along pluckin the govt flowers(i hope i dun get saman)

so..yea..pluck flower thief stealin flowers at the end we got abt 29 flowers of definitely more thn 5 families..NICE 1!!!thx 2 my super mum who helped and identified sm of da flowers and made da job easy..hee..and now we hav more thn enuf so i can relax abit liao..and partly oso muz thank da newspaper thief oso..coz tat day da specimens we collected at botanical garden is definitely not enuf..i estimated and we had juz around 10 species..hee..put it like dis,1 trip 2 botanical garden cannot fight me miss pluck flower thief..HAHA!!!

let's of the flowers i can't identify..but i think i hav jasmine,七里香,牡丹,dandelion,peppermint,papaya leaf,pandanus,evergreen,ixora,and alot alot more..geng leh..haha tat's 2 story told..another cousin's wedding has been recorded and edited and pasted on youtube..quite nice leh!!is a nice wedding wit highlights and filled wit laughter..:)i'll post it here

ok so finish 3rd story..for dis holiday i stil din manage 2 go 2 seaside..but i achieved my goal 2 drive alone..mum let me drive alone for da 1st time on 31st!!haha..and i ended up gettin lost due 2 my stupid sense of direction..but wit help i found my way n managed 2 get thru gahahahaha gonna reopen..i gonna tidy up n study hard hard d!!yes..jiayu!!!^^