Monday, July 5, 2010

Thank u post

Today is my birthday,so i want to spend the last few moments here to express my gratitude.

Firstly,i wanna thank my parents.Thanks to mum for bringin me into the world and raise me up wit good moral values..And thanks to my dad too for educating me with facts from world and from life as gave the best to me and although sometimes i've been sensitive with your words and all,i stil feel very grateful for having the chance to learn from the world and for you to provide me with a cozy home and good ya

Thanks to my teachers for educating me with facts and social matters too..since daycare to kindergarten to primary to secondary to high school including tuition teachers..being able to learn from y'all,whether through the easy or the hard way,has given me so much strength and experience..

To my bro..thanks for quarreling wit me...??? would hav been dull if i had no one to argue with..haha

thanks to my friends as well..i fell down really hard in my past and thanks to y'all for giving me a 2nd chance and enough support so i can get back on my feet again..i'm able to face myself becoz of y'all..whether you're online frens or real-life frens (especially the real life frens) i've learned so much from y'all and they made me a better person than the past,through the hard or easy way.y'all supported me through the hard times and gave me enough motivation to move on..i've learned so much life's philosophy from y'all and you made me accept myself for who i am,unique,eccentric,whatever you say.i feel more happy than b4 now wit y'all around..thx for always listening 2 me n my problems despite all ur personal guys really are great

thanks to ppl around me,my relatives,thanks to my cousin spouse who gave birth to such a cute niece..thanks to y'all for helping me with choices and view upon the world..

thanks to all the strangers that helped me..without your help i would not hav survived so easily..even those who had passed away but left the world with such valuable information and inventions and philosophies..becoz of u we ppl can live a more comfortable life..

thanks to my enemies in the past n current enemies too..altho i dun make enemies..those who i dun like and dun like me as well,whether is openly and officially or in the dark..those who cheated n hurt me..thanks to you for exposing me to another part of this world,altho it is ugly but it is also the reality and thanks to y'all for lettin me face this and gainin a wider view towards the world in another angle..thru these i am able to learn to get up from a fall as well,with or without help.i learn to be strong as well as vulnerable..i learned to deal with thank you

now more specifically i wanna thank all those ppl who remembered my bday n wished me as well..ian ivan ming ann angeline jared nigel laren liang(star)

oh!!to liang..thanks for the bday gift..not bad haha..wad's his name??and for nigel,thanks for the bday cake..secret reccipe man,not cheap..

to those who wished me i would like to thank y'all..altho i did in fb..and i would like to wish y'all a great future ahead..and be blessed with good health as well as sanity..hope y'all enjoy your life dun forget to work hard..hav a good life ahead^^ chillax