Wednesday, December 29, 2010

in sg

im in sg now everyone :)

life's really really really busy here..alot of stress but i think im adapting 2 it :)

i went out with andrew last week on christmas his advice abt wad i shud do.of course,he did it in an unexpected way,describing the details n makin me feel comfortable wit it n my decision.

to liang aka star>wad u said i got listen ok,juz didn hav enough courage until andrew said it.but i think u ard know tat haha

to andrew> thanks for ur advice..n company whn im in like heartache state.i really appreciate it ALOT :) if go genting work thn muz let me know ya

to laren> dun waste ur time on me,dun u think i've been avoiding u all this while?

to maumau>miss ur unique laugh.

to whoever who's workin or findin a job>good luck!!

Derrick aka chicken XD> i wanna go gym leh..if i got time in march can jio ppl out?

winford,ruling,kye wei,ejynn>i miss y'all,y no news???

way ming>take care,hope u get well soon :) amitabha much for the messages i wanna convey..

everybody's nice here,the colleagues r patient to teach me,boss is nice,he even gave me my first ever christmas present!!!and he's kind hearted :) one day whn i didn eat lunch he offered half of his sandwich 2 me coz i was "disappearing" haha

everybody seems 2 be stuffing me wit food n they think im thin(which is very true) but..well i've been felein nauseous since i was here..dunno y..smtimes hungry but after a few bites like full i think im getting thinner :( bad sign TT

2day is the day i feel not nauseous haha i finished my meals XD and i feel satisfied..i feel tat i earned my salary..Mr Yap is right i think..i think im kind of a workaholic XD well it's better thn emo all the time right Mau??XD

startin 2 cope wit stress..everybody's wishes, motivation,good will,is pushing me thru..thank y'all for tat and I LOVE Y'ALL MUACKXXXXXXXX

but of coz..i mis dad,i miss mum,i miss every single fren,i miss mum's cookin,i miss mr khoo n mr shu,i miss school, i miss my bed,,haha homesick d..

i'll be ok :)

Saturday, December 25, 2010


juz came back from midnight..dunno wad im supposed 2 feel.confused yet somehow clear..

my mind is clear,i know wad i should do..but somehow my heart feels confused.guess i can't let myself drop down deeper..

feelin down on christmas day..haix..

to cho liang,juz how many times r u gonna apologise?i told u it's not ur fault,so stop apologising,i dun blame u :) if anyone is to blame,thn let me be the one.i fell into this,chose it myself even though i knew i ought not to.

so many ppl arnd me,so many guys,yet...haix

well..decision will be made in time..n the answer's comin up slowly..slowly becomin clear..juz wait for one word,one word (maybe 2) then it's...set??

hmm..anyway i hav 2 b optimistic.hav 2 face it's another "barrier" right?will hav many many more to come in the future,especially work n results.hope everyting wil b ok n i'll be healthy.

hmm..i guess tat's all for my recent post..hope everybody will be healthy n ok,will contact y'all n i miss y'all very much.andrew,liang,fk,tong,ejynn,soo lee,soo lin,kye wei,jj,matthew,ming ann,jeffrin etc etc etc and those who r in foreign countries as well,kinn weng,fish n others.i hope y'all r ok n happy wit life

last but not least, thanks to winford for ur wishes for christmas.appreciate the fact tat u stil rmb me after so long :) miss y'all so much :) okla,if i continue im gonna go crazy missing and MERRY CHRISTMAS ^.^