Sunday, December 27, 2009

scare scare

xin er got abit cuak dao..wad happened..?ur pm..?smhow..erm..i dunno how 2 say..if u dun wan say thn nvm:)

well..ytd is soo lee's bday..i am organiser and tong is transport,angeline,ace,wai meng we 6 ppl went 2 celebrate

erm..1st i had 2 send a grasshopper 2 die(ivan's hse is murder spot)..dunno y in morning got 1 plastic wit a big big grasshopper inside pop up in my hse..lucky for our bio group lo..but maybe monday goin 2 catch agn since not enuf

ok back 2 topic..whn i took da plastic wit da grasshopper down angeline saw it and she was like.."AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!" it was soo loud from far oso can hear lol and thn whn we were on our way da whole car is filled wit our scream whn tong was drifting..hee..actually i made screams on purpose de..2 accompany angeline..haha

thn we fetched soo lee and went 2 wings cafe..we made alot of noise thr 2..tong made a request 2 sing but da ppl dun let..haha..well..i think everybody shud know who i wanted 2 listen 2 his singin most..tat is MY IDOL JJ!!but i dunno which cafe he singin..nvm ba..and i requested for da song 你是我的眼 which is 1 of my favourite songs,but da ppl din sing oso..haiz..i love tat song soo much know since da 1st time i listened 2 it..and it was MY IDOL JJ version which i had 1st listened 2..hee

then..whoa..we did alot siao things thr..lets see..i poured a large amount of ketchup on tong's meal 2 make a pattern..and..i think is ace la..ace poured ketchup into his drink..haizz..and we poured each of our drinks into wai meng's glass after he finished his..(wai meng can really drink wit speed lo..i haven even finish half my drink his glass already empty XD)and he drank our mix..LMAO..and we did our tradition lo..ask soo lee 2 take out da candle using her mouth lo..haha..lucky she nvr kena wad i kena on my bday..if yes..MUAHAHAHA..and thn..haa after 1 of us(i think is tong) finished his ice cream..sweat liao..he stuffed tissues inside..and we all put stuffs 2 decorate it..haha..becm 2nd bday cake..inside got cherry got ketchup got sm potato chips i think..and i stuck a candle in da middle..lolzz..i nvr saw soo lee laugh like tat b4..hey u shud do tat more often it makes u more jovial^^i used 2 laugh like tat alot haha..but now is like hmm..seldom do crazy laugh??

thn a..we planned 2 go 2 da beach..but drive drive drive and..we cannot find da 1 point we almost lost(but haiyo,mcca road i dun think wil get us lost de gua..)we turned in2 kampung road whr thr is few few few ppl oni and da lights are soo dim..and got alot of "bushes"..eerie man..and they were talkin ghost on da good la..soo lee was scared know..especially whn we see a cemetery beside us at sm place..aiyo thn tong drove near thr smmore and soo lee dare not look..y u go scare our bday gal lmao..i was abit scared 2,lookin at da eerie smting's gonna pop up as conclusion we drove back and went 2 a beach which is not a beach(pantai klebang which was reduced 2 a drainage system) whr thr is more ppl..and..i siao poses and kp askin 2 take photos haha..and..erm..i did a pose which was my hair covering my face and i act like a ghost..ARGARGARGARGARGARGARG..haha..but i deleted it coz soo lee was cuaked by tat photo..muz be really eerie hee

and thn due 2 soo lee din bring her hse key and her mum's waiting for her and we dun wan her mum 2 wait 2 late,we went back..and after her was my turn 2 go back,and it was abt 2am d tat time..lmao..and i was talkin abt my housing ppl kena hysteria b4 and lots more..thn..ok thn it happened hse corridors all lights thr..and my hse is located at 3rd floro smmore..lookin at it fr outside i oso feel abit ace become gentleman and straight cm down fr da car and accompany me upstairs(actually angeline offered 2 but i scared if she accompany me thn nobody accompany her down) thn angeline joined us..thx buddies:)

and thn tat was the end of it..phuh..had a wonderful night:)2 (sm1) dun emo d

Saturday, December 26, 2009

boxing day

dis year santa did visit me..santa gave me present (in a surprising way) hihi

and..i dreamed i am skipping..haha..

erm..ntg much 2 talk abt la..juz tat maybe im over sensitive like u said..sry and im not gonna keep any emotions 2wards u im not emo now:)

well..i wanna continue my studies d lo..time for play is over,now juz left one week for me 2 do enuf work and play for dis holiday..wanna finish my left abit bio and finish federal maths ques..won't be online 2 often d,and i'll sleep early d as i promised(and probably i oni gonna write blog at the end of every week..provided if i hav da time)

well..wanted 2 sing ktv but no chance..and din go 2 da beach..nvm ba..^^ and i think tat's all for now..take care 2 whoever reading this and sleep early,bathe early,drink more water and enjoy^^keep in touch:)

Friday, December 25, 2009

christmas eve

2day is christmas..i told (sm1) im gonna sleep late.. -o-

well..i met (sm1) face 2 face officially..and altho (sm1) denies it i stil think tat (sm1) looks good..hee and (sm1) didn't dissapoint me afraid im da one who dissapointed (sm1)..

and..well..we watched alvin and the chipmunks 2..hahahahaha lol..funny..and cute!!!i like theodore..oo so cute

and then..oh sorry 2 andrew..altho i did it on purpose..i poured a large amount of kicap pekat into his meal..hee..sorry sorry..and thx for da movie i love it^^

and halfway thru da movie i got a call fr dad..guess bro scored straight a's leh..andrew tiong liao..and he said "i bet his spm moral oso wil get a" wah at da face man..yea is right i spilled da kicap pekat in ur meal..huh..:p

and last..andrew went home early coz we all hav no further plans..but i didn't wan 2 go home so early so andrew stuck me wit chiing 2 fetch me home..(sm1) said he feel weird whn he saw me follow chiing home..well i dunno wad 2 say here coz i dun hav da mood 2 repeat all over agn since i explained 2 (sm1) and i know (sm1) wil understand:) bored spendin my 18th christmas eve at home so i kept on spamming..kaishern was my victim..haha kept doin da alien and crow sound..awk awk awk..XD and i did my own countdown for christmas after (sm1) went 2 gathering..listened 2 chipmunks Christmas dun be late..haha

and..ok i got 2 know dis guy keat wee who added me in msn..well smtimes his talkin got abit fish me talk half keep half..dunno wad fish he was talkin abt smmore..well dun wanna frust over it la since we juz knew each other..nxt time maybe wil hav a good chat:)

anyway..2day is christmas so..HAPPEE CHRISTMAS!!im goin 2 sleep now byebye^^

Tuesday, December 22, 2009


2day woke up at 9am..waited for soo lee 2 come my hse,then waited for tong 2 fetch us

tong reached my hse at 10am which is da supposed meeting time coz he had 2 pray(2day is dong zhi) we're late for da meeting lo hee

whn we reached botanical garden..owh it rained..and quite heavily we played awhile under da shed and i watched ivan carry out his "fire blast" cruel man,burn da ant for no purpose.. =s and then we went 2 butterfly farm as thr is shelter from da heavy rain..

whn we reached butterfly farm we had 2 pay rm6 for d entrance even tho we juz planned 2 go 2 da office 2 ask abt da lab-breeding thing..oklo..but in da office da people(basically is juz a guy) din spoke very politely lo..altho we kept our politeness all the time when speakin 2 him..but i can see ian and ivan and tong is abit fed-up wit him..hee..however,we did ordered for 5 butterflies 2 be bred in da lab..provided if is successful then we'll hav 5 butterflies by..saturday??(but i doubt it from da way da guy talked abt it)and we bought another 2 insects which is a green beetle and another dunno wad but green coloured oso..unique and looks nice:)

and then a..went 2 jusco 2 buy wrapping paper 2 wrap our project box..then ate thr at kfc..saw MY IDOL JJ thr..saw angela 2..(luckily we din go 2 secret recipe 2 eat..pokai+no full stomach hehe) then saw da sun came out and went back 2 botanical garden agn..

we catched sm bugs at botanical garden..caught sm crickets,ants,dunno wad more..but not bad la..coz thr are soooo few insects thr..hee..and went walkin walkin walkin while chatting..i stil remember da time whn me n ivan sesat in da botanical garden on our 1st group visit thr..hee..and then..oops,ivan slipped and fell..bruised himself,so kesian man..helped him plaster his hands but thn he took off oso..huh..XD and then we oso collected sm plants..we curi curi cut off da botanical garden's orchids!!!adui..da gardener sure fed-up wit us d now..hehe..sorry a..really really sorry..we'll make good use of tat orchid..hee

then a..we went 2 da bee farm at bukit katil..alot of bees thr leh..and tong oso let ivan drive whn we were findin tat farm from da description of da office boy..not bad la..juz tat..turn out DA OFFICE BOY LED US 2 DA WRONG WAY!!WE WERE ON DA HIGHWAY 2 JASIN ALREADY WHEN WE TURNED BACK!!!OFFICE BOY CALL DA KAMPUNG ROAD DA MAIN ROAD?!!ADUI..FISH FISH FISH..then we got da right direction from another worker and reached da bee farm..da boss of da farm is very nice ppl,heard we doin project and he presented us wit 5 nice preserved bees..for free!!nice person..thx boss!!

then..fetched ivan 2 his hse 2 change as he needed 2 pass smting 2 his cousin at dp..while waiting for him 2 change,tong taught me how 2 drive an auto car and i drove his..not bad la..but i like manual car better..maybe bcoz im used 2 it and drivin a manual oso gives me a very excited feelin..XD then i let tong drive and we fetched ivan 2 dp,thn back 2 his hse tong fetched me back..phiew..

and i reached home safely..oh not 2 safely oso la coz i oso cut my hand a little bit while cutting a plant..little little bit oni so doesn't make a difference..hee..guess wad,i reached home at abt 7pm..!whoa sooooo exhausted..2night goin sleep early liao..hee..

ok im tired so im gonna bathe and sleep right away..hee..thx again 2 fish who helped me so much in dis..^^ok byebye
BIG THANKS TO FISH FOR HELPING ME IN MY BIO PROJECT..OWE U ONE..THX!!!!(altho fish is not bio student fish stil helped me)FISH IS NICE DUN DENY

(star i din say u lose fish leh..if u need support i wil stil giv u 100% support de..dis is my will:))i stil support star and i support fish oso^^


Monday, December 21, 2009

(sm1) asked me 2 promise (sm1) not 2 use unhealthy words anymore..(sm1) said is for my own good..but i believe thr is another reason???(i think (sm1) heard smting or saw my older posts??)but i wanna say u nvr did dis b4 offence..hee(but (sm1) cannot be compared wit star coz they are different^^)

oklo at least (sm1) gave me a word to i will try my best:)

and..i gonna wake up early 2 paint 2morrow..oh ya 4got 2 say my newly-wed cousins came back from their honeymoon in bali..hee..nice couple..^^

and i gonna catch bug wit my group on tuesday..ian soo lee i hav 2 buy forceps later in the afternoon(now is monday d)..hee..last min oni prepare..(srry ian^^)

apa lagi leh..2day study phylum filicinophyta..dryopteris sp..lets see

dryopteris has rhizome n its leaves developed from thr,which are coiled and beneath the leaves surface are brown scales called ramenta..leaves are oso divided into pinnae which subdivides into pinnules..oh ya and young fronds(leaves) shows vernation which is uncoilin growth..rhizome oso bears adventitious roots..dryopteris oso is sporophyte dominant and its gametophyte is reduced 2 small prothallus(bryophyta is thallus ma)..bcoz filicinophyta is more developed it has true roots,leaves and stem,and has vascular dryopteris reproduce??it has horseshoe shaped sori(which inside has sporangia which forms spores)..sori are located on underside of fronds(fronds bearin sori are called sporophylls)..inside sori they hav indusium 2 protect them and of coz,sporangia..(sporangium consists of annulus which are cells wit thin outer wall and thick inner wall)in da sporangium,mother cells undergo meiosis 2 produce spores(haploid) which in dry weather is released by da stomium(cells wit thin walls) of sporangium..durin dis process,sporangium raptures at the stomium and annulus put the spores outwards..the spores germinate 2 form prothallus(heart shaped gametophyte) which has rhizoids,chloroplast,antheridia and archegonium on its underside..antherozoids are released when prothallus are covered wit water,movin 2wards oosphere by chemotaxis..zygote develops and new sporophyte forms..


Sunday, December 20, 2009

feelin guilty

went 2 see laren(sea) at jonker..

tong fetched me thr,2gether wit ace..wai meng couldn't make it though..b4 tat went,no comment..but chit chat n made fun lo..talked abt many many tings..also found out my bio has improved..muahahaha

whn i finally reached jonker..laren had juz finished his singin..conclusion,missed his singin again..haiz

but saw him and talked 2 him tong and ace left us thr 2 chat n went lepak themselves..

laren really changed alot..:)

then..went wit ace n tong 2 "car cruising"..guess wad..we did falsetto on da car,and we sang,and ace oso let us listen 2 his newly composed song...."ANGELINE~~~" was fun^^ and then went 2 jetty thr 2 juz walk n enjoy da night breeze..while chit chattin away of coz..nice

but..all the while my mind was distracted too..from text mssgin wit laren..and he said..he wanted 2 duet wit me on the 31st..but..


i dunno wad 2 say

thr's a past between us..altho is long ago..i dunno y but i still feel nervous when facin u

im sorry..but sorry is not the best answer..but stil,im sorry..hope u can understand..jia you:)

Saturday, December 19, 2009


2day...nonono is ytd

juz finished chattin wit (sm1) who (sm1) didn't wan (sm1) name 2 cm out in my blog..say (sm1) cuak dao..hee

(sm1) said many many tings in our i know wad's (sm1)'s dreams..

we talked from..pigging 2 painting 2 supportin my fren 2 cockroach 2 dream 2 my blog 2 lucky star day 2 (sm1) sis blog 2......................................................................

2 many i can't write here..later becm spam liao

here is wad i got

i made a symbol for (sm1)


(sm1) told me (sm1)'s dreams..used abt 50 lines 2

tat is not all leh..we talked abt each others dreams..(sm1) is like (sm1) but acts like a pig..lazy (sm1)

(sm1)'s favourite quotation:天道无为,道法自然,无为者顺其自然,自然无所不能为,this is 人生至高境界


(sm1) continued 2 used abt 80 lines 2 describe (sm1)'s plan

u say me luo shuo,u lagi luo shuo..i wanna make my blog shorter thn wad u say :p

(sm1) scared if im quiet whn (sm1) talk n wait for reply..well..smtimes im like dis de..coz i dunno wad 2 not angry:)

(sm1) is afraid of cocckroach..kacuak kacuak!!!

and (sm1) likes my bro so much..kings of the same feather crap 2gether???hahahahahhhahahahahahahaha..oops i forgot..not feather,is gills..haha..flying fish oso dun hav feather de..hehe

due 2 me supportin my fren sea later...due 2 i hav 2 wake early 2 paint balcony..most important is due 2 me wanting 2 make dis post shorter thn (sm1)'s chat earlier..i gonna stop now..haha..44 lines!!!hee..byebye^^

Friday, December 18, 2009

he he heeeeeeee

yesternight i had a dream agn..whole street filled wit ppl wearin traditional red dress(the one use for wedding de) and shoutin n cheering..thn..i walked thru those ppl..n i saw a kid singin dis song

红灯笼 刚被人点亮 已落满白霜
红衣裳 雕着花的床 陈旧了新娘
容颜是种罪 青春是露水
清晨上了妆 黄昏卸了妆

thn i felt smting...n i sang fr thr

水中花 怎么能开
死一回 才能活过来
换一句清白 旋涡和火海

thn i woke up feelin weird..haha

actually dis is a song..i saw on youtube..last time it was on my playlist but no more coz i changed it..hehe..but maybe it brought smting tat's y i'll suddenly dream abt it..haha

the last verse is like dis

流着眼泪笑 皱着眉头望

smhow is meaningful dis song

thn i woke n my dad told me thr's smting he want us 2 do(me n my bro)


we painted my grill fr mornin till 4 smting..altho is i finished most part of dad n bro went 2 rest earlier..hehe

but not bad work la we i had my trainin b4 school holiday..altho i got "abandoned" in the toilet at last..those who know..u know la..hehe

i satisfied wit my im happy..^^

2morrow i gonna go jonker 2 support my him 海(sea)..feel abit guilty coz last time whn he ask me go out everytime i rejected..hehe..anyway jia you lo 海..i wil go see u la

thn hor..i oso found out alot abt our chat..he not only nice but he oso nice..hehe dunno how 2 describe la..n i found out star tracked me readin his blog..haiz..but i track him oso no point..lame..hehe..i finally able 2 face him liao lo so i feel happy but 感慨 at the same time..missed so much of each others life..but since now we hav very few tings 2 share d tat lo..hmmph..

lastly i stil wan 2 repeat FISH IS NICE altho dunno repeat how many times d..hehe..and i wan 2 say star is oso a nice person,juz tat im hurt doesn't mean star not nice ok..i expected it 2 happen but i juz dun expect it 2 be dis fast n abit cold(2 me) tat's y im hurt..conclusion,star is stil a nice wan me 2 say, FISH BEATS STAR..haha juz jk la..but i know dis..FISH IS NICE FISH IS CUTE:)hehe byebye

Thursday, December 17, 2009

no piggie for me d

yesternight i had a very weird dream and a bad one......again


smting abt fish tomato..but in the end is stil abt star star star star star *&^%$#@!

few posts enuf 2 make me like dis???i think 2 much d la


i dunno y but it made me feel like cryin in my sleep leh..made my cardiac muscle beat fast fast fast fast chek ak la smtimes..sedih man..y u invade my sweet dream again and again ha..can u let me hav a peace of mind???

haiz stupid me

no time wan 2 emo over it adi lu..i m okokokokokok..haha..wan 2 study d..huh..byebye :P

Wednesday, December 16, 2009


i said i will put dis on my blog,n i did..muahaha

i met a fish,a very high fish..n a nice one 2..haha

fish introduced me 2 dis country in south africa called sierra leone,and da capital for dis country is freetown..interesting name heh,town free of everyting,free of famish,free of burden of $$ and of dirty politics..freetown..hope we can realise dis freetown in da future although is a very very very far dream haha

fish loves outdoor activities..bein a fish is nice coz fish can swim everywhr it likes^^

oh ya n fish is called osteichthyes in bio hehe

oh here i wanna talk smting abt soul n death..dis is a very mysterious topic 2 me n very religious 2 sm ppl..alot of ppl hav their own thoughts abt it altho they dun dare 2 voice out..but this is a fact,tat all of us are gonna die one is no offence talkin abt least in here hehe..

so i wanna voice out a fren's thought which has brought a new spark 2 me in dis..

humans are not from earth
we are from another planet
we're diagnosted of carrying the criminal gene
then being thrown to earth
(maybe tat's y sm religion say we're born wit sin..?)
if we do good deed
then when we died..some kind of brain wave(electrical impulses)
that carries out memories(which we believe is soul)
would be collected by some kind of reception device
if we do good deeds
then we can go back to our original planet
known as heaven
if we do bad things
then we would be sent to another planet
known as hell
which would ultimately be destroyed

as a result of revolution in our original planet
they found out some kind of evidence
that showed that some of the people are born with criminal gene
then they decided to destroy those carrying it
but in the end they didn't
so they sent us to earth
to give us another chance
if we did nothing good or bad
we would reborn in earth again

the evidence to this
is the theory of revolution
there is no proof that human are developed from any creature
what we believed is the primates ancestors
but so far we can't find any creatures that links us to the development from that creature
it's kind of impossible for human to develop from there
meaning that possibly,human are popped out of the blue
and the second evidence
is religion
maybe they are sent by people from our original planet
to help turn us good
all the religions actually originated from one source
only that they came in different times and places
which are not interconnected
but there are similarities among all religions
that is the belief of heaven and hell
there are no explanation
maybe they are actually the same teaching
they are not from earth
they are from our original planet
besides that,the condition of earth is not suitable for human
examples are like the air and temperature
and diseases like influenza
that till now,we still couldn't find the cure

there is also another theory about soul
they are believed to be some kind of wave
that carries memory
brain is the reception device
maybe in the future it's possible to transfer the wave between brains

dis is juz one of the thoughts i got offence to any religion,is not a theory,juz an idea to spark..if u can't bear juz dun read lo,simple:)

oh by the way,human is,following da taxonomy hierarchy,in the sequence of kingdom phylum class order family genus and species,an animalia chordata mamalia primates hominidae homo time again haha..byebye^^

Monday, December 14, 2009

back fr singapore back fr sg..durin dis time..alot of ppl like dunno im gone haha

1st day
hmm..began journey at 11am,reach sg at abt 2pm..went 2 my aunt's apartment in jurong east by taxi(my 1st time gettin on a mercedes taxi haha)n found out my uncle n my cousin had went back 2 mcca by their own cars tat morn..(they were visitin sg for a treatment for my uncle)..thn waited for my aunt 2 return fr work while chattin wit my cousin n sleep..oh i found out tat my cousin(ming wei),who's takin computer science course in australia,has graduated n currently takin master geng leh..he's da 1st 1 in my family 2 take a master course lo..thn..whn my aunt came back we went 2 周庄(zhou's family restaurant) 2 hav a buffet dinner..nice chinese food,my dad likes da crystal dumpling thr..i like da jasmine jelly..thn my other aunt n her daughter(my cousin yi hui) joined us thr after they returned fr work oso..oh n i oso found out cousin yi hui's takin a course 2 go 2 china.walala n thn a..went 2 my big aunt's apartment which is juz located one floor above my 2nd aunt's hse(in which we were stayin) n saw sm weddin photos of cousin yi hui(she married a nice shanghai guy o,n whn they married my dad went 2 china 2 visit them haha) n discussed alot lo..thn a..hmmm..i found out tat sg really got alot of skyscrapers,as it experiences lack of ground for its population..oso found out tat in sg thr's ALOTLOTLOTLOT of restaurants located in shoppin centres..n ALOTLOTLOTLOT ppl who simply loves shopping..everywhr juz seems so crowded..phuh..n da public transport system is juz so efficient..100x better thn malaysian..walao thr are taxis n bus stops everywhr,n thr's da mrt,so is really uneccessary 2 own a car(unless u wanna travel far)..da buses are stoppin non-stop at each stop,is so easy 2 travel!!!

2nd day
walked 2 a hawker centre 2 stops away fr da apartment n ate kuey like kuey tiow in m'sia,juz tat it has not been sliced n is in big big n thin thin form..but nice though..n thn we walked back 2 my aunt's hse n packed our luggage,hired a taxi n travelled 2 another aunt's apartment in geylang..n they hav a balcony upstairs,planted wit flowers n we get 2 enjot da city view fr cousin helen thn came back fr her er-hu class n she changed her er-hu wit a new 1..which costs SD1600!!!!!!!walao..n i played wit her er-hu haha,wit all da eek-eek sound protrudin until i kp laughin haha..i oso found out my grandpa who was a m'sia migrant fr china,knew how 2 play er-hu n often played it in his nice 1..n i oso glanced thru sm of their secondary workbooks(maths mainly) n found out da std is really high..the sec 3 maths is teachin f4 f5 syllabus..waaa..thn at night went 2 orchard road 2 view da lights..alot of shoppin malls..n it was traffic jamming so we juz enjoyed da views in my uncle's car..also took sm pics of da road,wil post them in my fb later^^n i oso went 2 enjoy da night view in sg fr my aunt's balcony..nice view^^

3rd day
went 2 eat buffet agn at sakura wit my aunts n uncles..wah nice 1,got chinese dim sum,japanese food,n european food..da seafood thr,baked shrimps n clams,plus da sushi,sashimi,oysters..waah it was worth da $$$ la..thn went 2 chinatown or smting like tat..waa..shopped at a few shoppin malls thr fr 11 smting am till 8 smting pm???oh no my feet felt very sore man..n everywhr was crowded woooooo.....i bought 2 shirts n a pair of sport shoes thr..haha n at night we went 2 suntec shoppin mall lo..thr's a fountain of wealth thr,da world's biggest fountain..went 2 touch da water haha..thn went 2 see osteichthyes(koi fish) in da mall..believe it or not,if fed well dis koi fish can live up 2 50-70 yrs..n da longest lifespan of koi has reached a record of 226 yrs,which is a female koi passed fr generations 2 generations of a japan family..geng hor..n after our dinnerat a western food restaurant we went home..nice..n guess wad,da espresso thr juz cost SD1.20!!!small small cup kao kao like da european coffee..walao..

at last we came back home lo..on da 4th day..wooh surely a luxurious trip..nxt time on my visit i sure will visit da national science gallery thr n see da theatre they introduced me,n i oso wan 2 pay a visit 2 da national museum n see da Van Gogh paintings of da cat..great impressionist he was,but not appreciated..til he became insane in his final yrs n died a pauper..n after his death oni ppl start 2 appreciate him..his paintings are da highest price sellers over da world now,but is no use lo..oni hope he knew it smwhr he lived..i can oni dedicate dis song Vincent in my playlist 2 him,3rd song i think..special song made for him dis 1..nice song..i oso found dis song,way back into love,original singer,which i was reminded how i liked it in da mall..hehe..kla stop here..i've updated my story lo mau mau u muz update me urs whn u cm back lo..mau mau is a big brother who cares for me,n i juz found out oo,u hav da heart for children oso..haha nice oneXD byebye

Sunday, December 6, 2009


hmm..altho dis few nights started 2 sleep early,but i stil experiencin sleepin prob..sleep wake sleep wake sleep wake..thn feel restless in da morn..but my mood change d lo..more happy :)stil hav many many frens by my side,company me..smmore got books n music got my guitar back i can play abit abit whn i no mood,so better d:) thn i can talk 2 my frens abt many tings..hey mau mau whn ur phone wanna fix la..lalalala

thn nxt week i goin 2 singapore if no problem..goin catch bugs wit my group:ian,ivan soo lee.thn..grace say wanna go ktv..when leh??set 1 day la..i so long nvr sing d..ooh lookin forward 2 sing..2day is my cousin's marriage..da bride so pretty..oolala..n got abit abit funny tings happen durin da ceremony..haha

thn a..hmm..i saw ur youtube d lo jj..saw u singin爱的就是你..nice..but i like da original version u sang at qec whn f3 or smting..tat was da 1st time i heard u singin tat song,n honestly,i LOVE it..thn u sang 你是我的眼 in f5..remember da fashion show??tat was da 1st time i heard da song i LOVE it very very much..U'RE MY IDOL 4EVER JJ!!!JIA YOU JIA YOU JIA YOU!!!


我真的没有骗你 没有骗你~~~~


Thursday, December 3, 2009

i've been sleepin at 2am the earliest for few days d..stupid fuckin dreams keep tired of it d..n im not eatin much abit oni fell full my stomach feels weak,my intestines feel weak,my head feels weak..i hope i get sick soon zzz

i dunno wad i goin 2 do..tryin hard 2 ctrl my emotion..wad i wan 2 do now is study..hav 2 contain myself d..

n tat day tong n ace came my hse..i practisin back my guitar..i hope it can help tune back my life..

im not askin u 2 believe but i really do care abt dis frenship..not i dun wan 2 secure but it won't be like the old days d..those days are over i think

and not tat i dun wan 2 giv him a chance, not like u n i didn't experience wad u've gone thru..wad u said yes they make sense but..i dunno how 2 describe it..relationship is such an impossible word 2 me right now..i know he's wit me all da time n he stays thru bad times,he's a nice guy no doubt..da problem is at me..can i put down my past n throw aside all odds 2 be wit him?i really dunno..juz leave it for now n let time prove everyting ok?

right now i juz wanna concentrate on my studies 1st..stpm is my goal..n the epithelium in my stomach n those exocrine glands in my stomach n endocrine glands in my brain are secreting hormones n hydrochloric acid,my epithelium in intestines n goblet cells n ducts secreting digestive enzymes,sending electrical impulses thru my nervous system from dendrons 2 cell body n away fr it along axons fr one neuron 2 another by acetylcholine in synaptic knobs,all da way 2 my brain(interneurons),conducting my efferent(motor) neuron 2 au revoir :)

Wednesday, December 2, 2009


Blogging at 3am..wad the hell am i doin here...?i juz can't seem 2 sleep..and i dun think i wanna sleep either..i keep havin weird dreams that frighten me(not bad dreams totally but weird)..n thr's 1 person tat keeps on appearing in my dreams..yyyyyyyy???adui

wad la...

Saturday, November 28, 2009


Yes im hurt..i dun blame u


Ann:thx for being a company all dis while..u let me hav my emotion..more accurately u let me hav a place 2 be honest to myself,to my feelin much much better now,hehe thx :)

Mau mau:thx for bein a company oso..u're 1 place i can let out all my feelings without i feel better n alot of things passed thru my mind..i wil control my emotions,yes.dun wan 2 be cruel 2 myself anymore lo..thx!!!n sleep early la!!!XD

Ace:HAPPY HOLIDAY 2 U TOO!!eh if go out remember call me ya^^

Andrew:i wanna go out but no transport la..if u can bring me out la whn u guys hav boring at home leh!!!thx for ur consideration^^

Angela:waa,got bf nvr tell la,i think im da last fren 2 know dis lo..zzz nxt time muz show me ya kaka

Angeline:thx for ur advise abt da group ting ya..doin assignments wit y'all feels much much better..

Hsien hsien:muz appreciate ur time spent 2gether a..kaka


Ejynn:u no need find in uni d la..i think u already meet sm1 here suitable for u lo..dun let her go away lo..muahahaha

Grace:im not here 2 comment abt ur relationship world la..juz remember make it simple u'll happy :) got time come my hse la

JJ:dun dulaning d lo..haha

Johnson:dun go haywire la..u go haywire thn now i shud b in sanitarium d lo..haha..edward?bella?lol

Joo:i know u tired..every1 has his own problem..

Kai shern:long time no later lo if got chance

Kenny:sorry ya forgot 2 wish u..HAPPY BELATED BIRTHDAY :)

Kye wei:thx for ur movie ticket..but i didn make it coz woke up late..sorry ya

Ian:remember our assignment a..whn u wan 2 discuss???

Solly:wanna go out?

Wei Jie:i'll consider ur suggestion..but i need time..u understand de la..good luck 2 u 2..hihi



Friday, November 27, 2009



Tuesday, November 24, 2009







Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Monday, October 12, 2009


Dis few days really really busy..with kolokium,with hw,classes, n chua both lost in da egm???haiz i prefer ong tee keat lo..but not a bad result la..wonder if they r goin 2 hav another election to choose da party leader..?(actually ong has no need 2 step down,they need 2/3 of da cotes of no confidence 2 drag him down but he lost by only 14 votes..but i think he'll step down since he said b4 tat if he lost any 1 of da resolutions he'll step down as da party leader..i juz hope he doesn't repeat wad chua did,it's not smting a practical person would do different than wad he promised..if another election is to be carried out who will be nxt preseident??liow tiong lai or ng yen yen??zzz

plus pas lost quite badly in bagan pinang by election..dis few yrs we hav alot of by more n more into thinkin tat malaysian politics is more like a combination of joke n tragedy..especially since da political tsunami..

dis few days oso i've been bz preparing my exam..due on 27th october tired..loads of hw n assignments..i dun think i can finish d..haha..n my belongings keep dissapearing..1st is my calculator..thn is my national federal of is my pen drive..till now i stil can't find them..anybody who see them in any case pls return them back..the 1st 2 have my icon on them beside my name, a smiling face and a star gleaming:)

i heard da alpha students say tat pn chong their pa tcher almost gav up on them,sayin they're 2 arrogant..but 2 me they r more 2 da playful side..2 playful d gd luck 2 da alphas in winning back da heart of ur tcher,be obedient n not so noisy,coz alot tchers hav been complainin ur noise haha..

hmm..i think i'll stop here..2 andrew,hope u recover soon coz u look so lethargic these days..2 kye wei,WHR'S MY PEN!!!2 mau mau,dun worry abt me,im ok,will take care of myself won't eat 2 much choc..2 grace,pls smile,it's been a long time since i see da happiness on ur face,dun let relationship prob bother u 2 much k(muz be like me,no grass whole body light kaka)2 star,take care yea..sorry coz can't receive ur call dis few days..:)

Sunday, October 4, 2009

summary of wad happened recently

Dis few days i realised tat is bn a long time since i updated wad's happening in my life in dis blog,so i'll do a summary on wad has been happening lately..

1st is da mid autumn festival celebration held by da chinese language society in school.i was involved in da group singin part.Actually i went 2 da meeting coz i juz wanna see how they doin n mayb i can play along,n mainly i juz wanna hear grace n others sing.Ends up im da 1 singin da loudest n swee jin asked me 2 "lead" da singin group,coz their voice 2 small.thn i went 2 practice juz abt 2 times..?but we did ok in da performance lo.n b4 tat i went wit grace 2 "promote" da event among sm u6 classes.i wonder,are they actually promoting or r they juz informing abt da event?coz basically thy juz sayin tat "we hav dis event,pls cm,blah blah" and turns up da response tat day was really poor.n sm of da students dun even know thr's such an event goin on lo,so i think is a failed attempt.And they invited our exco Gan tian loo here,but he didn turn up,instead he sent his representative here,dis lawyer 李杰尔,n unfortunately,i din hav a gd impression on him since da 308 thr's ntg much 2 talk abt,but i muz giv credits 2 swee jin for her quick response as mc here,it made d event lively,altho thr's not many audience n mostly it comprises of our own frens.

And i went 2 da Buddhist society farewell,we went 4 vegetarian steamboat smwhr in mcca raya.Very funny n childish 2 see sm ppl playin wit da food.however,wit my blurrness,i smhow managed 2 "dig" a chunk of laughter whn kye wei stand up n take da remaining food.Actually he planned 2 take tat food for whoever wanted it but i tot he wanna take da food himself but didn take his bowl n waitin for smbody 2 help silently i took his bowl n pass it 2 him.turns out he had 2 eat da food whn he's full.haha.

but during da holidays mostly i juz stuck at home n do my tings,surf,read da Dan Brown novel n brush up my general knowledge abit while doin abit revision.N is sad 2 see da ppl dun know abt da world lo.Sm can even tell me london is in america.N pls dun tell me agn tat new york is da capital of usa.if my dad hears dis fr me i dunno wad else he'd do but go crazy tellin me im so "cha".haha

Smmore i did my bio coloqium presentation.Ppl say is very gd presentation,me n angeline confidently presenting,n da presentation is wit alot of interesting facts.most important is we din read bulat bulat but did our presentation spontaneously.Unfortunately,tings didn go well wit chem n maths coloqium.In fact,im hit by,stemningissa is a "jj term" which means ppl in ur group dun wanna do work but act like they did n "supervise" very good example is my class ponteng king Dav.His attendance is too terrible n basically,he's da kind of ppl who can't be trusted 2 accomplish any job(HONESTLY).He promoted himself as chem coloqium leader(he made himself) n he wanted 2 take da presentation(INSIST is da word).so we hav no choice,but da day b4 d actual presentation,he pushed all da responsibility 2 me,sayin tat im da 1 who took da presentation n im da leader.Damn him,im really pissed off not oni by his attitude,but by his accusations as well.luckily i chose not 2 trust him fr da beginning n we had a plan B fr d other members.altho da presentation didn go well but im relieved fr da tension at least.Maths oso da same,ppl came complainin 2 me tat da class not doin their job.N fr wad i heard n see,da work kalai passed up 2 da leader is (HONESTLY) wad i call SHITWORK.da leader in turn had 2 modify n do da whole ting agn.whn da leader called for a meeting in da holidays,guess wad oni 6 out of 19 students attended,so now i know tat not oni beta is a kiasu class,da students cannot cooperate 2 achieve a goal excellently n mostly da students r study freaks n fishmongers.

N i realised for very long time d tat not oni da class gk is not good,da notice board is ugly n not informative,makin me feel more despised.At last,now,i decided 2 do smting abt it.whn i was in f5 i was in charge of da est n i made a scrapbook fr newspaper cuttings.since after spm da scrapbook lies at home n nobody's readin it i decided 2 bring it 2 school n put in class readin corner,n i did sm recent newspaper cuttings oso 2 add n 2 paste on da notice board as well.I said b4 tat whn i cm 2 dis class i'll change 1 way or another im goin 2 change da class condition,even if is juz a small effort.anyway sm1 complimented me for spicin up da class,thx for tat but i think my blurrness n active response did more of tat.^^

so tat i hope tat da sCrapbook (which i regard as 1 of my treasures) will be of good use n won't go missing at d end of da yr coz i cherish my work.Amitabha.

Saturday, October 3, 2009

Happy Mid Autumn Festival

月下独酌 李白


八月十五夜月 杜甫


十五夜望月 王建


南斋玩月 王昌龄


中秋月 苏轼


关山月 李白


夜思 李白


嫦娥 李商隐


望月怀远 张九龄


霜月 李商隐


中秋待月 陆龟蒙


八月十五夜桃源玩月 刘禹易


中秋月 晏殊


八月十五日夜湓亭望月 白居易


天竺寺八月十五日夜桂子 皮日休


水调歌头 苏轼


西江月 苏轼


回董提举中秋请宴启 文天祥


满江红。中秋寄远 辛弃疾


Tuesday, September 22, 2009

The Light that Illuminates,witten by Chandra Muzaffar(Eye Asia Magazine April 2008)

One of the greatest challenges facing humanity in the first decade of the twenty-first century is whether the followers of different religions can live together in peace and harmony. This is a challenge that manifests itself at both national and global levels.

At the national level, there are more multireligious societies today, compared to even 30 years ago. Religious consciousness has been rising in these societies. Similarly, at the global level, religion has become a major factor in the inter-face between civilisations.

Is increasing religious consciousness in a world divided by religious boundaries a bane or a boon?

From the evidence available to us, it appears that as people become more committed to their own religious identity understood in terms of distinctive symbols and practices, a certain distance develops with the religious other. This is sometimes exacerbated by the belief that one's religion is superior to other religions. It is a belief that reinforces the idea that there is an exclusive uniqueness about one's own religion which ensures that it has nothing or very little in common with other religious traditions.

In themselves, these notions of religion which are widespread do not cause intr-religious tensions. It is when certain trends or policies or events, often linked to politics or the economy or both, begin to generate adverse consequences for individuals or groups who happen to belong to a certain religion or religions that inter-religious ties deteriorate. If deteriorating relations are not attended to, inter-religious conflagrations can occur.

This is why more than the phenomenon of rising religious consciousness, it is the impact of prevailing power structures and policies upon the people that national elited should be concerned about. The equitable distribution of power and wealth that seeks to do justice to the weakest of the weak should be their top priority. Fairness should be the cornerstone of the public policies and accountability the hallmark of governance.

These principles of justice and fairness should also apply at the global level. If the chasm that separates people in the West and Muslims is getting wider it is not because of religious issues as such. As long as Washington and the centres of power in the West continue to pursue policies that subjugates Muslims in Palestine, Iraq and Afghanistan for reasons connected with Israel, oil and strategic routes, the relationship between the two civilisations will remain problematic. By providing enthusiastic endorsement to Washington's hegemony over parts of the Muslim world, Christian conservatives in the United States and elsewhere have further aggravated relations woth the Muslim Other. A fringe within the Muslim world has chosen to react to the violence hegemonic power through senseless terror, and, as a result, Muslim-Western ties must have plummeted to the bottom of the pit.

It follows from this that at the global level a quick end to Washington-led hegemony is the prerequisite for better relations between the US in particular and the West in general, on the one hand, and the Muslim world, on the other. At both global and national levels there should also be sincere efforts to improve and enhance the people's understanding and knowledge of the different religions and cultures that comprise our world. At the same time, a concerted attempt should be made through educational institutions and the media to eradicate misconceptions and prejudices of each other's religion.

However, all these endavours will not be sufficient to bring the adherents of the different closer together if exclusive, parochial religious attitudes continue to express themselves. There is an imperative need to develop an inclusive, universal approach to, and understanding of, religion. The resources for cultivating such an approach can be found in every religious philosophy. Even as it is, there are a number of groups and individuals who are striving to strengthen this trend in their respective faiths. Many of them have forged links across religious boundaries in their common quest for justice and equality at the global and national levels.

The inclusive, universal approach that they may subscribe to has certain essential attributes. Among them, 1) an acknowledgement that there are similarities in certain values and principles that constitute the ethical core of the different religions; 2) a recognition that there are parellels in the way in which the meaning and purpose of life is conceived in the different religious philosophies; 3) an acceptance that profound religious experiences are not confined to any particular faith; 4) an understanding that the joys and sorrows that characterize the human condition transcend religious boundaries; and 5) a readiness to recognize that beyond one's religious identity is one's human identity which in the ultimate analysis is a more enduring bond that links the individual to her fellow human beings and to her Creator. It should be emphasized that acknowledgement of commonalities among the various religions does not mean that the universal approach ignores or minimizes the differences that exist.

Whatever the differences, for advocates of the universal approach, God is not the possesion of a particular religious community. The Absolute Truth is not the monopoly of a particular individual or commmunity or religion. God- and God alone- is the Absolute Truth. We are all journeying towards that Truth.

This explains why in most religons, submission or surrender to God is the quintessence of faith. It is God- and God alone- that we worship- not religion. The exclusive approach worships the forms an practices associated with religion, more than God.

When a truly universal God is at the centre of our being, the religious other ceases to be. The God of the universes does not dichotomize the human family. It is a God that is like the Light that illuminates the world.

When that Light illuminates our lives, the human family becomes one.

Monday, September 21, 2009

Bro's 15th bday

haha,2day is my bro CHONG ZHENG HAO 15th bday..15 liao wor!!!haha..seriously i think he's a good bro altho he not very good smtimes n i lose my patience wit him..but at least we can share things n communicate n sampat haha..

i said i would giv him a stack of past yr pmr papers as his present since he din study much..haha..but mum say no need..last time my past yr papers all giv 2 him oso nvr do..waste oni if i giv him no need lo..but i wanna wish him happee 15th birthday la,hope u enjoy ur life 2 da most(which he does all da timeXD) n gd luck in ur future..muz be better thn me know!!I CHALLENGE U MUAHAHAHA..

thn we went out 2 eat,whole family..haha,laugh here laugh thr while eatin n chattin n playin on da car lol..waa such a nice warm family oni comes once in a lifetime so i wanna brag here muahahaha

thn i read star's blog..最近我让失眠陪伴我度过无数的日子。。。其实失眠也好...因为真的很害怕睡觉...每次一关上眼睛...就会看到...或想到一些不开心的东西...真的很辛苦!!!累了...想睡觉...又怕闭上眼 ou star did dis really happen 2 u?r u ok?if got anyting unhappy pls tel me ya:)

plus hor,really guys can oni concentrate on one thing at a time..but star can juz tell me 2 hang up ma or tel me u're gaming so no need call me de,im ok wit dis is not considered as a phone chat between us coz is oni me talkin n shuang away while u not concentrating haha :p

erm..i wanna add here tat mafia is a word in Italy tat signifies gangster..same as da case in da United States whr they call gangster.n in China we call them triads or kongsi gelap, whereas in japan they're called yakuza..geng heh,different countries has different names for them..heh heh

n Manchester United n Manchester City is not da same football club k..n i dislike former Arsenal striker Adebayor for stamping my Van Persie n his act..he's not a very gd player in my opinion,altho many Arsenal club members claimed so..his performance is considered not very gd by me n me dad n me bro..fabregas n van persie are more consistent n better player,but i miss thierry henry da most,besides alexander hleb n jens lehmann:)anyway congrats 2 Gunners for their 4-0 win against wigan^^

sm1 said my blog is black black which means emo..i dun think so,coz mostly my posting follows my mood hihi..n i wanna ask,do i really usually overreact???hope many ppl who read dis can answer me:)

ok,i think tat's all lo..till nxt time ba^^

Friday, September 18, 2009

Tuesday, September 15, 2009

top 3...??

Da results of all da l6 students is out 2day..i went 2 hav a look in 3rd period..turns out my cgpa is 3.75(coz muet not counted)..they mixed up da results of arts class n science class students..i got 3rd in my whole form n 2nd in class..wao i impressed myself..XD

however i hav 2 work hard hard hard hard 2 maintain my result lo..if not sure drop tremendously..hav 2 start readin up d..anyway congrats 2 those who get gd results n jia yu 2 those who not satisfied..remember,our main aim is at stpm so kp on work hard work smart n jia yu jia yu^^

shee's bday celebration

I got da pics d fr shee's blog..haha,cool,4 bday cakes!!!wao waoXD anyway here r da pics

Monday, September 14, 2009

b4 i go

2day b4 i go..i wanna ask smting..WHO TOOK DIS PIC???DERRICK!!! name's xin er,not xingggggg er..tq tq


dis few days..

Dis few days kp on playin nvr i realise im abt 2 b left behind if i dun catch up..PILING HW N PROJECTS n exam's comin in abt a hav 2 ctrl myself n CHIONGGGGGGGG STUDY muahahaha..

i went 2 ruling bday on saturday n brought shee out on sunday..those i know went 2 ruling bday include andrew(drive so cool haha),roystan,jace(show power lawyer haha),winford,jo ann,peii hwei(willy ong keep call me bao ya..u see!!),siew ping,willy,ejynn,soo lin,johnson(u owe me 1 free meal ha),chong hau(whn u wan?),teng,wei jie,pek n peng(pek peng),mau,jared,matthew,seph..i think tat's all i can remember hehe..on ruling's bday i met alot of old frens..angela,lynn,yew li,jasmine(kaishern,not bad taste hor said chong hau haha),wan ting n jo anne seems like in a relation d worr..i saw u hahaha

smmore prank ppl til siao..matthew forced 2 sit wit ruling whn takin pic..haha,n ppl kp callin AH ER AH ER dunno wth..XD 4 da photos i mayb post later coz haven get..mayb gonna steal agn haha

n sunday is me n wendy bring shee out..went 2 dreambox ktv 4 HRS..3 PPL!!!haha..sing til siao d..lucky no sore throat aftermath haha..thn i went 2 big apple,me n wendy bought oreo doughnuts n we belanja shee..not bad,da 1st few bites r like weird weird but after a few bites it gets nicer n nicer..n is not so sweet after all(im not a sweet tooth so i dun quite like 2 sweet food) so i like it..thx o liang liang for introducin it 2 me^^

n i found out tat i stil hav left out hw thx 2 ian sms tat reminded i rushed my hw after i reach home..oso found out tat my brain berkarat d coz long time no hav 2 chiongggggggg study dis few days..wil less online n i wil nvr go out dis few days..

smmore 2day ejynn suddenly told me i hav 2 do proposal for rovers camp as im secretary..dunno wad da hell detail he wants inside,nvr tell properly oso..NEXT TIME TELL PROPERLY LA,I DUNNO WAD U WAN OSO..zzz..

haha..time 2 go now..n 2 STAR i got d ans d for da maths ques..thx ya for helpin me thru da ques n my hw..Sn IS TIN NOT ANTIMONY i'll remember tat^^

2day i subscribed 2 star newspaper..resume back my readin newspaper habit(cut tat habit b4 dis) coz i wanna kp up wit wad's happenin around liao..dun wan da muet tcher n dad 2 sour d for knowin so little..if not mayb i hav 2 go back live in jungle haha..

But..y da more i read newspapers dda more i get fed-up wit politics..damn politicians,act like children oni..fight here fight thr for no purpose..i wan 2 ask,can y'all find smting else 2 do beside fighting??if we can't even unite in a damn small political party,how r we goin 2 unite da ppl of da country??talk abt perpaduan,wad 1Malaysia..if u leaders can't even unite urselves 2 serve da country thn dun talk abt unity in front of ppl..FAKE FAKE FAKE!!!better find urself anothr job 2 do in life if u're not even ready 2 serve da ppl..u r da leaders,u r da ppl's model,yet u do dis childish fighting..n u bring dis kinda mentality 2 da ppl,ur followers,aren't leaders supposed 2 be open minded?if u kp acting like dis,u affect ppl 2 think like u,n i think da quote tat da country 'first world infrastructure,3rd world mentality' situation wil nvr pessimist abt it if u ppl kp acting childish n unreasonable like tired of seein adults act like children,it makes me wanna puke..UPGRADE URSELF PLSSSSSSSSS!!!!!!

phuh..haha..time 2 go..hav 2 prepare for ttn haha..b4 tat here sm pics of meself ssing haha..hope y'all enjoy^^

Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Personality test

Your view on yourself:
Other people find you very interesting, but you are really hiding your true self. Your friends love you because you are a good listener. They'll probably still love you if you learn to be yourself with them.

The type of girlfriend/boyfriend you are looking for:

You like serious, smart and determined people. You don't judge a book by its cover, so good-looking people aren't necessarily your style. This makes you an attractive person in many people's eyes.

Your readiness to commit to a relationship:

You are ready to commit as soon as you meet the right person. And you believe you will pretty much know as soon as you might that person.

The seriousness of your love:

You like to flirt and behave seductively. The opposite sex finds this very attractive, and that's why you'll always have admirers hanging off your arms. But how serious are you about choosing someone to be in a relationship with?

Your views on education:

Education is very important in life. You want to study hard and learn as much as you can.

The right job for you:

You're a practical person and will choose a secure job with a steady income. Knowing what you like to do is important. Find a regular job doing just that and you'll be set for life.

How do you view success:
You are afraid of failure and scared to have a go at the career you would like to have in case you don't succeed. Don't give up when you haven't yet even started! Be courageous.

What are you most afraid of:
You are afraid of things that you cannot control. Sometimes you show your anger to cover up how you feel.

Who is your true self:

You are mature, reasonable, honest and give good advice. People ask for your comments on all sorts of different issues. Sometimes you might find yourself in a dilemma when trapped with a problem, which your heart rather than your head needs to solve.


2day is da 1st time i emo..shouted at ivan..HE'S BEEN TEASIN ME 2 MUCH N DUNNO HOW 2 CTRL!!!DAMN YOU!!!i've been ctrllin myself since monday n i find it quite annoyin until u say abt star..damn u i hate it...!

I've nvr said anyting 2 tease u,i ended our rumours whn u said u wanted 2.WAD ELSE U WAN ME 2 DO?!!!!WHR DID I ANNOY U UNTIL U HAV 2 TEASE ME LIKE TAT!!!DAMN DAMN DAMN

i think i scared seph by shouting..1st time i emo in class,1st time he see me emo..sorry ya,make u worry whole day..anyway i'll b ok:)

I dunno wad i'd do if im a guy..maybe i'll punch ivan in da so angry tat i emo during da bio lesson(tat is until i tertidur in class)..i hope u can respect abit n ctrl ur teasing..u can tease but i hav a limit ok!!!

tat's all for now..altho i think u r nice person but i stil bo song wit ur damn u..

n for star i know star is very tough de,be strong ya..pig support u..:)

Sunday, September 6, 2009


Long time nvr update my blog d..feel abit boring amidst of all dis craziness..n i feel abit luan..

My test results r ok la,no fail,average cgpa 3.67..i guess tat makes me top 5 n class...?but i see alot ppl not satisfied wit their result lo..hmmm..

wad 2 say smmore..A YA,da class bcm lively abit liao,THX 2 ME who active active simply go explain n talk in front of class..MUAHAHAHA

thn i wan 2 say HAPPEE BIRTHDAY 2 all ppl whose bday is in september..i remember queenie is 2nd sept,ivan 4th,soon 6th,chee sing 7th,ming ann 10th,shee 14th,jasmine 15th,my bro 21st..2 any1 whose bday i nvr mention sorry lo i can't remember it hehe,but anyway happy bday^^

i dun wan 2 talk much abt my life coz is quite boring n luan dis few days..i juz hope sm politicians can stop their stupidity..i see dis quote n i think it quite suits sm of them.."POLITICS IS A WAY 2 MEASURE HOW MISERABLE IS ONE'S LIFE"..hope they realise wad they're doin n go back 2 da basic neccessities of da ppl n think for da country good..

i think tat's all for now..2 BE CONTINUED WHN I HAV MOOD:)

Monday, August 31, 2009

i'm sorry

erm... i wanna say sorry 2 star...

1st is for hangin up in a hurry tat day..i really wanted 2 cntinue our chat n i can sense u didn wan me 2 hang up so quick..(6th sense,can't say is right or wrong) but i really had smting 2 do in a hurry...

2nd is for being inconsiderate abt ur feelings...i did smting which i shudn hav done...

Anyway juz 2 tell u,my hamster is now named dummy..not bcoz of u(sm part is),is bcoz i think it suits him n is related 2 me smhow hehe

Thn i wanna say sorry 2 mau..

coz i can't find time n transport 2 visit u whn u r in hospital...

But u won't blame me de hor...?:)

Wan 2 say sorry 2 ivan..

Srry coz i dun let u campur tangan between me n tong..coz i really dun wan 2 tahan anymore..

Thx for tryin 2 help anyway:)

Sorry 2 kai shern..

I really like ur lyrics,dun misunderstand me, i didn mean 2 say anyting 2 hurt u(2 me,i didn't say) i dunno wad u tot im tryin 2 express tat day but is not true,coz im juz sayin back wad u said 2 me(is a style of pig joke hehe)so dun misunderstand,i m not kai shern, kai shern is not fang wen shan but i stil like kai shern's lyrics(is true)

Btw,kai shern no need 2 be fang wen shan 2 write lyrics,kai shern got kai shern style.Kai shern oni hav 2 be himself tat's gd 2 me:)

Sorry 2 sm of my frens...

Coz y'all hav 2 listen 2 my problems n it gets annoyin smtimes(i really feel im annoyin at times hehe)

N thx for consolin me:)


Saturday, August 29, 2009

Words of Wisdom and Whim

*I can please only one person per day. Today is not your day. Tomorrow's not looking good either.

*I love deadlines. I especially love the swooshing sound they make as they go flying by.

*Tell me what you need and I'll tell you how to get along without it.

*Accept that some days you're the pigeon, and some days the statue.

*Needing someone is like needing a parachute; if he isn't there the first time you need him, chances are you won't be needing him again.

*I don't have an attitude problem. You have a perception problem.

*My reality check bounced.

*On the keyboard of life, always keep a finger on the Esc key.

*I don't suffer from stress-I'm a carrier...

*You'e slower than a herd of turtles stampeding through peanut butter.

*Everybody is sombody else's weirdo...

*Never argue with an idiot. They drag you down to their level and beat you with their experience.

*Never raise your hands to your kids. It leaves your groin unprotected.

*I'm not into working out. My philosophy: No pain, no pain.

*I'm in shape, round is a shape...

*I'm desperately trying to figure out why kamikaze pilots wore helmets.

*Ever wonder if illiterate people get the full effect of alphabet soup?

*I always wanted to be somebody, but i should have been more specific.

*Did you ever notice when you blow in a dog's face he gets mad at you? But when you take him in a car he sticks his head out of the window.

*Have you ever noticed? Anybody going slower than you is an idiot, and anybody going faster is a maniac.

*You have to stay in shape. My grandmother started walking five miles a day when she was 60. She's 97 today and we don't know where she is...

*The reason most people play golf is to wear clothes they would not be caught dead in otherwise.

*A human being should be able to change s diaper, plan an invasion, butcher a dog, design a building, write a sonnet, set a bone, comfort the dying, take orders, give orders, solve equations, pitch manure, program a computer, cook a tasty meal, fight efficiently, flight speedily, and die gallantly. Specialisation is for insects.

*I have six locks on my door all in a row. When i go out, i lock every other one. I figure no matter how long somebody stands there picking the locks, they are always locking three.

*The statistics on sanity have shown that one out of every four persons is suffering from some sort of mental illness. Think of your three bet friends. If they are okay, then its you...

*Now they show you how detergents take out bloodstains. I think if you've got a t-shirt with a bloodstain all over it, maybe laundry isn't your biggest problem. Maybe you should get rid of the body before you do the wash.


Some Cynical Remarks

As i hav sm idea n feelings 2 write but i dun wan 2 write...
Coz i dun wan 2 go emo...
Actually is juz me lazy 2 write..hihi
I'll post sm cynical remarks i got fr a school magazine..hope y'all enjoy:)

Cynical Remarks:

*Honesty is the best policy unless you are a remarkably good liar.

*Always do right-it will gratify some people and astonish the rest.

*The optimist sees the doughnut, the pessimist sees the hole.

*The one who can smile when things go wrong has found someone he/she can blame it on.

*For working folks, the brain is a wonderful organ. It starts working the moment they get up in the morning and does not stop until they walk into the office.

*Success is a matter of luck-ask any failure.

*A successful man is one who can make more money than his wife can spend. A successful woman is one who can find one such man.

*3 ages of a person: youth, age and "you are looking wonderful". Better to remain silent and be thought a fool than to speak out and remove all doubt.

*It's a recession when your neighbour loses his job, it's a depression when you lose your own.

*The art of taxation consists in so plucking the goose as to obtain the large amount of feathers with the least amount of hissing.

*A lawyer is a gentleman who rescues your estate from your enemies and keeps it himself.

*Doctor-the heir of a sick person.

*"Occasional flashes of silence makes a conversation with you perfectly wonderful."

*To a pregnant friend who had just given birth:" Congrats, we know you 'had it in you'."

*Anyone who claims he can see through women is missing a lot.

*Ladies:"Never trust a husband too far nor a bachelor too near."

Tuesday, August 25, 2009

outing outing outing...

Thr r alot of outings dis few days..Dunno stil wan 2 go o not coz i stil hav assignments 2 do..Let's start wit da one i first went..

Sunday afternoon i went drivin lesson wit dad..TOTALLY SCREWED IT UP MAN!!!i drove 2 fast n NEARLY ACCIDENT!!!imagine,i was abt 2 go in da junction n i forgot 2 change my gear,I USED GEAR 4 TO TURN JUNCTION!!!man da whole car was like drifting..n thr was another car in da junction so i nearly crashed in2 it..phew lucky me nvr bang..thn my dad says i can't drive yet,i stil hav alot 2 learn...da thing tat hurt me most is tat he said 'if im da instructor i sure fail u..' thn my heart was like smashin in2 pieces..piang!!!i was so sad wit myself for screwin it up,n i doubt if i ever want 2 drive again after tat..Lucky i got in msn n wai meng cconsoled me n gav me new inspiration 2 continue..Joo oso did a good job soothin me,listenin 2 my prob.Thx o guys^^

Then at nite i hanged out wit andrew,kye wei n chuan..went 2 soon's workin place 2 see him..i dunno wad word i can use 2 state da place..a pub or a bar??can anybody tel me?anyway im goin 2 say it as a pub here la^^so imagine wad i did in a pub?i ordered COLD MILK TEA wit kye wei n sat thr drinkin while chattin away wit da gang..hahaha quite ridiculous..n reminds me of a frens cycled 2 a pub or smting like tat,wearin slippers,went in da pub n ordered COCA COLA..hahahaha!!damn funny..anyway,apart fr chattin i oso play dice game wit i lost n belanja him dinner..

After tat we went 2 mamak coz kye wei,andrew n chuan haven't hav their dinner..I belanja andrew..thn i drink sirap n chat away wit many things 2 talk abt..thn my teeth oso turn red haha..aiyo,thn is time 2 go home but i dun hav i asked andrew 2 drive around,n he actually did!!i sat silent in car while he drove long long distance 2 beach n bukit rambai thr..far far away n da road is not crowded n it soothes my mind down fr alot of things..but we nearly bumped in2 a cat..da black cat cross da road,i shrieked so sharply coz i tot we were goin 2 crash tat cat n it wil andrew break so suddenly,n we both laughed..he said actually he start break adi after he see da cat but he was shocked by my shriek hehe..sorry ya^^n we continue 2 round round round until 12am oni he fetch me home..really long time nvr travel like dis liao,really nice..thx andrew^^

Nxt day(monday) i went 2 karaoke wit da mhs ppl..tong told me alot ppl's goin but at da last moment everybody juz backed off..-_-'' anyway i spent 4 hrs thr singin until my throat gav da signs of soring..4 HRS!!and the others more thn tat..i left coz i had chemistry ttn..let me see..da ppl went,tong,andrew,kye wei,johnson,king,rulingg,matthew,jared,derrick,mau,ace,winford,kenny n others..Whoa dis winford kau kau chan,caused alot trouble man,i think sm of da waitress oso annoyed of him haha..he run here run thr nvvm,he luan luan choose da songs,n he play wit da audio system..!worst of all he grab da emote whn he run..until 1 time he turn da mic maximum n da sound so loud until we had 2 get da manager help 2 settle it..hahaha lucky he nvr got thrown out muahahaha..

thn i went ttn,after tat packed my dinner n went michelle's hse 2 stay overnite..Is actually her grandma's hse la,n now i finally know y they goin thr 2 overnite..Rupa rupanya they went 2 da beach picnic..!but i missed it coz,susu,michelle,chiew ei,ivory,jessica,sanggari,michael n his gf jaclyn,n tong went overnite..n we had a prob findin da hse,so i spent all my credit on it..n eventually i ate my dinner at 11 smting..thn we play uno,n da morn i woke up n da scenery is so beautiful thr.Da whole country view n da nature around us is juz amazing,not 2 mention da fresh air n da cool mornin breeze..IF GIVEN DA CHANCE I WAN 2 RETIRE IN A PLACE LIKE DIS!!!^^

After dis hav alot more outing but i dunno wan 2 go o not..Wednesdday kye wei gang wan 2 watch movie..Thursday hav chess club farewell(muz go),friday hav muet kolokium n maths assignment meeting..i think i goin pokai d haha

guess tat's all for now..didn hav a good nite sleep so ggoin pigging again..bye bye^^

Saturday, August 22, 2009

Pek's Bday celebration(14th july)

Remember whn i mention abt Pek's early bday celebration?is on 15th August but we celebrated 1 day early in alpha,2gether wit shi min's bday in are sm of da pics(got them fr mau's blog,srry ya mau,didn get copyright hehe)

Kit fai announcin da bday durin pa lecture in da morn(but we didn sing da bday song,if we sang sure huru hara muahahaha)


A pek posing...

erm..dis is da cake remains fr zeta after celebrating shi min's bday earlier...


so dis is wad lai kia ki hehehe

wad is tat gal doin alone thr????


da bday card


went 2 US Pizza 2 celebrate^^

pek n ruling

ruling n wei

At last...Da bday cake!!!

Happy bday 2 u~~~~~~



cutting cake...

Da cut cake...err...y look weird weird...?

talkin away..see me standing???

Group pic!!!

Tat's all i hav for now..bye bye^^