Monday, March 14, 2011

I Am A Malaysian

Malaysia.. What does one have to say about it?

Being a Malaysian..There are proud things to say and those really bad things as well..

Lets start with culture..Bein in Singapore opened up my eyes towards the culture here, and I feel that upbringin of the new generation in Malaysia (most) are better..I dunno whether it's just me or it's really like this, but peoplke in Malaysia is more friendly..And we respect older people.. And we're not as vain..more polite..Chinese in Malaysia (especially those brought up in Chinese primary school) have more of our own culture, our own identity compared to those in Singapore.. And life in Malaysia is less stressful.. Living in Malaysia is actually not that bad :)

BUT...Malaysian politics..haih..really..I talked abit about it with my boss today..and i sure got alot to say..haha..

Firstly, Malaysian politics is very, mind you, VERY IMMATURE!!!!!!!!!!!

Try going to the Parliament to see the debates..Politicians shouting impolite words, scolding each other like FISH..Sometimes I wonder, are they fighting between political parties or debating about social issues??? Aren't political parties, or, more specifically, POLITICIANS THAT IS CHOSEN BY PEOPLE TO DO WORK, supposed to WORK TOGETHER TO BRING A BETTER FUTURE TO THE COUNTRY, TO BRING SOLUTIONS TO PROBLEMS FACED BY THE PEOPLE????IS FIGHTING GOING TO BRING A SOLUTION OR MAKE THINGS BETTER?



It is really a laughing stock to foreign people if they see this..imagine..we chose these people to lead the country..HOW WILL IT REFLECT UPON US AS MALAYSIAN CITIZENS?

And the government is damn corrupted...I dunno if this is good or bad..Good side is, if you have money$$$$, you can solve almost everything in Malaysia..not to mention law-breaking, efficiency etc etc..Bad side is, it really affects the country status and image. And it's really unfair for people..

And..cases that haven't been solved although it's been already years..What the government would do is to drag drag drag the case until the "passion" cools, and it would probably be forgotten..Think about Altantuya's case..or Teoh Beng Hock's case..Those who died in jail (not to mention shot dead by police, beaten to death, rape cases etc etc)..Is justice served equally to all Malaysian or is it just a sweet talk? What will you feel if it happens to you and what you can do is just wait hopelessly and swallow the anger?

Malaysia is still losing intellect in various fields..especially those needed to bring wealth and improvement into the country..Example,engineering, biotechnology, business brains etc etc. What happens here is there is no NO NO equality towards intellects in the bureaucracy..They do not give the intellects the chance to show their skills, to work together with "upper level" people to find solutions. Intellects face suppresses, having to share the same pay with people of lower level education but few years senior..Most important thing is, they face alot of difficulties whn mentioning thoughts to seniors..Bureaucracy, instead of helping the system run smoothly, has become an obstacle. There is no place for engineers to claim their rights, to seek solution from when there is a problem. Best solution, work in foreign countries. At least they give better conditions, they have a better place to voice out. Not only this happens to engineers, but to other intellects as well. If Malaysian government doesn't change this, they will lose more and more in the future.

And the public transport. Haih..dun wanna talk abt it. Public transport is like FISH in Malaysia. Since the government took over the whole system, it deteriorated alot.ALOT. Inefficient.. As a result, people resort to buying cars, and it contributes to pollution. Those talks government give on going green..To the government, please think about what you can do to keep people going on buses and trains. PLEASE IMPROVE YOUR PUBLIC TRANSPORT!!! LEARN FROM YOUR NEIGHBOURING COUNTRY AT LEAST. dun spend so much on unnecessary things like useless water projects. What is the use of millions of dollars spent on drainage system when Johor and Melaka is still facing flood problems after so long?

Please, when you shout out 1Malaysia, make sure you at least do it on the surface...Dun juz sit down shout and take no action.ACTION SPEAK LOUDER THAN WORDS.start by making your systems merit based. It helps alot you know. and dun fight within the party when you havin this slogan. How r u goin 2 uite the country when you yourselves are fighting among yourselves?DO YOU EXPECT ME TO BELIEVE IT???

What is a government when itself cannot unite and give protection to the people?

I want a country safe to live in with minimal racism. I want a government that is clean. I want a system that is efficient. I want a transparent government system. I want justice to be served to every person in this country. I want equal rights. I want to be proud when Iexclaim "I AM A MALAYSIAN."

That is my thought as a Malaysian. Hope i dun get caught for this :)

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